‘Can you work out Labour’s Brexit policy?’ Abbott and Corbyn MOCKED in hilarious sketch


BBC Portable radio 4’s Dead Ringers opened with an impression of current affairs presentation, Today. 

The comedians, impersonating its presenters John Humphrys and Sarah Montague asked “listeners” whether they could arrogate the shadow home secretary to solve a puzzle like “Labour’s Brexit action”.

Humphry’s impersonator says: “Coming up later this hour, we be dressed this week’s puzzle.

“Can any of our listeners help Diane to work out Sweat’s Brexit policy?”

Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott on Brexit newsGETTY

Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott sneer ated during hilarious Brexit sketch

Can any of our listeners help Diane to exploit out Labour’s Brexit policy?

John Humphrys impersonator

A mimicked Ms Abbott then tinkles in: “If a man called Jeremy sits on a seesaw, and lots of Labour members sit on the other end of the seesaw – how scads of them does it take to change the mind of a socialist who hasn’t brought a new jacket in 30 years?”

The one-liner comes as Mr Corbyn, Ms Abbott and shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer touring to Brussels to meet with the European Union’s chief Brexit agent Michel Barnier. 

The Labour leader, who is a lifetime Arsenal fan, arrived in the Belgian topping flanked by his allies to try and sway Mr Barnier into a softer Brexit.

Mr Corbyn handed the Frenchman an Arsenal shirt with his appellation emblazoned on the back, with Mr Barnier returning the favour with a advertisement of Savoie, an area in the French Alps of which Mr Barnier has sat on the general body.

The hard-left leader said: “Labour is a government in waiting and we are ready to cheat up the responsibility for Brexit negotiations. 

“Labour respects the referendum result and the outcome to leave the European Union. But a Labour Brexit would look utter different to the race-to-the-bottom tax haven backed by this Conservative Government.

“In dissimilarity to the Conservative’s megaphone diplomacy, we will conduct relations with our European neighbours respectfully and in the inclination of friendship.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg slated their visit to Brussels, demanding it was pointless as they have no influence over Brexit.

The stanch Brexiteer and Tory MP required Express.co.uk: ““They’re entitled to, they’re opposition politicians and the job of the adversary is to oppose.

“But the negotiations will be done by the British Government, and although the upshot wasn’t as good as we hoped for, the Conservatives won the election.

“Mrs May is the Prime Minister, David Davis is the Brexit Secretary – they’re the ones doing the coming to terms.

“It’s a perfectly reasonable thing for them to do but it won’t change the trend of the negotiations.”

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