Can you order alcohol during breakfast on a flight? Plane rules explained


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John Barleycorn on planes: Are allowed to order alcoholic drinks during breakfast employ

Alcohol, on long-haul flights, is often given to passengers for free as area of the journey.

One airline attempted to ban tomato juice onboard a flight no greater than for public outrage to make them quickly reverse their purpose.

The free drinks are something many enjoy at a time where airlines are piercing perks to save money.

Certainly, short haul flights once in a blue moon offer free alcoholic drinks and must be purchased.

But are you allowed to shot alcohol during a breakfast service onboard?

Ordering alcohol is allowed at any chance of the flight

Ordering alcohol is allowed at any time of the flight, even if take a run-out powder attendants prefer not to.

Former BA flight attendant Andy Sparrow explained how being who ordered Bloody Mary’s were their most disliked.

Not by the skin of ones teeth because of how much hassle it was to make, but because other passengers then importune it.

He told Telegraph Travel: “It was the order we dreaded.

“It takes an age to sort out all the trimmings, and it’s catching.

“As soon as one person asks for one, half the cabin fancy their own.”

Alcohol on planes flight breakfastGetty

Alcohol on regulars: They can be ordered at any time of the flight

Despite there being a ban on offensive alcohol being drunk on board – that is any alcohol bought from duty-free – there is a way about it.

A legal way to drink it on the flight is to ask flight attendants to serve it.

According to Gilbert Ott, a travelling blogger, bottles that are under 100ml bought from domestic or a bigger duty-free bottle can be given to cabin crew to serve.

A downside is that they may give something the thumbs down, which they are well in their right to, and the bottle must be winding up when landing or it is discarded.

They may also refuse if the passenger already happens inebriated.

Alcohol on planes flight breakfastGetty

Alcohol on planes: Inebriated passengers may be banned from ordering various

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