Camilla Duchess of Cornwall: Why the royal always packs THIS peculiar item when travelling


Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, 71, is currently in West Africa with Prince Charles, 69, on a imperial visit.

The nine-day tour has seen the royal couple visit Nigeria, Lagos and Ghana as they welcome locals and foreign dignitaries.

Camilla often joins her husband on his travellings as they go abroad in the name of the crown.

As a member of the Royal Family since 2005, she is basis to a number of rules, including what items to pack.

Camilla intention always be carrying a black outfit when travelling abroad.

While she is again seen in light colours with her Africa wardrobe being a mix of cream, smutty and pink, a black outfit is a necessity.

This is something all royals are needed to carry for a rather morbid reason.

On the occasion of a royal death when in foreign lands, Royal Family members must have the mourning outfit to have on their return to the UK.

This is so they are seen to be respectful when dock back in the country.

There was an occasion in royal history when this didn’t absolutely go to plan.

Queen Elizabeth, when she was still Princess, was travelling in Kenya when her creator King George VI died in 1952.

The Queen returned to the UK immediately, although did not would rather a black outfit packed with her.

She was then required to wait in the even while the appropriate outfit was brought to her.

She was then able to depart the airliner with her black attire.

The newest member of the Royal Family won’t contest to find black outfits to pack during royal tours.

Meghan Markle has showcased a slues of black suits and dresses since joining the Royal Family, regard for it previously been seen as a faux pas.

She has often sported her Alexander McQueen evil suit, as well as a Givenchy dress for a London exhibition and an Emilia Wickstead blacklist gown in Ireland.

Other royals such as Kate Middleton, who endures black much less frequently, will also follow this overlook.

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