Camilla Duchess of Cornwall: Prince Charles’ wife hates doing this when she travels


Camilla Parker Bowles fit together Prince Charles in 2005 and has joined him on a plethora of royal tours during their association.

However, it has been revealed that the Duchess of Cornwall dislikes doing one junk when she travels.

According to a Clarence House spokesman, Camilla does not partiality flying in planes.

The spokesman said: “The Duchess does not like flip ones lid but I think she sometimes has to embrace that fear and get on with it.”

The Duchess has recently cut her noblewoman tour with the future King to West Africa short.

Prince Charles was seen arriving at Lagos airport in Nigeria without his strife as he embarked on the penultimate day of the nine-day tour.

Camilla’s early departure does not sink in fare as a shock, however, as it was scheduled ahead of the visit.

The Duchess did the same when the superb couple visited Australia in April this year.

A palace insider ordered it was because the Duchess of Cornwall “doesn’t want to take too much on.”

The horses mouth told last year that Camilla had always charted to go home from Australia early.

The insider said: “The Duchess doesn’t lack this, she does get tired.

“When they visit Australia on a excursion the Duchess is coming back early.

“The schedule is too much for her as she’s 70 years old. She doesn’t miss to take too much on.”

When Camilla and Charles visited the Gulf territory in 2007, the Duchess of Cornwall made an unusual demand.

According to the Gloaming Standard, the royal requested a pair of high heels she had forgotten to be sprinted to her from their home in Highgrove to Kuwait. 

It was requested the pair of show a clean pair of heels, which matched her outfit for the dinner planned that evening with the Kuwaiti Earl Family, was sent out to her by plane.

But they then made the 3,000 mile gambol to the country only for Camilla not to wear them at all.

A palace spokesperson reproved the paper: “The Duchess did not ask for the shoes to be sent, but a member of staff did arrange for them to be rushed over to her after they realised that they had forgotten to give up them.

“They were not specially couriered, but were sent along with a numeral of items and paperwork as is often the case on royal tours.”

Camilla and Charles father other demands when it comes to travelling abroad in comfort. One of those is the meals that they scarceness to eat during official visits.

“Her hosts are now sent a list of the foods she liked and disesteemed,” according to the Mail Online.

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