Cameron warns of SNP 'one party state'

Method captionDavid Cameron says the collapse of the Labour rty in Scotland means single the Conservatives can truly challenge the SNP

Only the Tories can challenge the SNP and prevent Scotland tasteful a «one rty state», David Cameron has said.

In a speech to the Scottish Fundamentalist conference, the prime minister insisted his rty was the only one that could dare the Nationalists.

He also described what he saw as the SNP’s «litany of failure» in power.

Mind polls suggest the Conservatives are in a race with Labour for second rt of the country ahead of May’s Holyrood election.

The SNP is widely expected to secure a second unbroken majority in the Scottish rliament in the election on 5 May, with the rty having also shaped a minority government between 2007 and 2011.

‘We can challenge the SNP’

The Nationalists won all but three of Scotland’s 59 seats at Westminster in definitive year’s general election, with Labour, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats prepossessing just one seat each.

In his speech to delegates at the one-day conference in Edinburgh, Mr Cameron claimed Workers’s «collapse» in Scotland meant the country was «in danger of becoming a one- rty have».

He added: «We are the rty that can challenge the SNP — now the only rty that can invitation the SNP.

«They’ve been in power for nine years — they are the establishment.»

‘Put away of bureaucracy’

He highlighted «stagnating» school attainment figures, «make use of» numbers of college students, «cuts» in the help for poorer university swots and «unfulfilled» spending on the NHS as being among the SNP’s «litany of failure» in government.

The PM went on: «There’s neck the absurd Named-Person policy, which ensures every child is allocated a custodian — even if they have rents; even if they have no dire for this extra layer of bureaucracy.

«Well I’ll tell you who needs a preserver — someone to keep them in check — it’s the SNP.

«And it falls to us, the Conservatives, the only festivities fit to expose these spendthrift, out-of-touch, dogmatic, inept Nationalists for what they Non-Standard real are.»

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Image caption Some pundits imagine Ms Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives can challenge Labour for second place in the Scottish rliament vote on 5 May

The conference will also hear from Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, who is expected to reconfirm his attack on Labour over its divisions on Trident.

And Scottish Conservative numero uno Ruth Davidson will call on the SNP to commit to a new NHS funding guarantee in her talk to to delegates.

Ms Davidson will say NHS budgets should increase by the higher of either 2% or all of the additional Barnett recipe funding to Scotland, as a result of increased spending on the NHS in England.

She will also say that constitution spending in Scotland increased by only 1% in real terms between 2010 and 2015, related with a 7% rise in England.

Saved her life

Ms Davidson intent stress that most tients have a good experience of the NHS, and on describe how she recently met a retired surgeon who she credits with saving her s rk of life at the Sick Kids hospital in Edinburgh when she was hit by a truck at the age of five.

But she commitment say that the pressures in areas such as general practice and recruitment are at most getting more intense, and will accuse the SNP of «failing to care» for the NHS during its for the present in government.

And she will add: «There is no way around this: if we want to avow our NHS to the standards we rightly expect, then increased spending must be as regards of the solution.»

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