Cameraman filming migrant town RUN OVER as TV crew report on Sweden's refugee crisis


Amazing footage has emerged showing the ferocious assault, which took role in a Stockholm suburb where the vast majority of residents are now said to be foreign-born.

It also authenticated a cameraman being run over by a car full of yobs.

Astonishingly, the horror punch-up will not be investigated by police.

The Channel Nine crew, from Australian goggle-box, reported the attack at the time of the incident in February and officers are said to experience attended the scene.

The full footage was released yesterday.

Veteran TV lady of the press Liz Hayes, who was with the crew, said she felt she only avoided seize because she is a woman.

She said: “I’m pretty sure if I was one of the guys I probably would be enduring been hit as well.”

The presenter added the attack came out of the blue.

Livid men were said to have run over the foot of a cameraman before returning with camouflages on and surrounding the crew with two workers being attacked.

The assault lone stopped when a local drove into the ringleader with a mobility scooter.

Ms Hayes chance: “It was Sweden. I wasn’t expecting hairy, but I think it all comes back to worries and issues between migrants, immigrants and refugees and just the general contention that is occurring around the world.

“It was pretty confronting, because I condign wasn’t expecting it.

“But it can be explained in the context of friction between cultures that is customary on over there.

“People are in need and desperate, and when you open your doors it doesn’t without exception mean everyone is going to live happily ever after.”

Jan Sjunnesson, from right-wing website Avpixlat, accom nied the ir and said the crew were approached by a man who demanded to know why filming was compelling place.

Sjunnesson said one cameraman was “beaten right across the chin so that a tooth approached loose”.

Stockholm police spokesman Lars Byström said: “We were ascertained there was a film team and there were some youngsters who were in the car and there was some class of argument between the team and then the driver drove over the cameraman’s foot.”

The spokesman also said there no put outs of punches being thrown.

He added the police had decided not to follow up on the experience as “very experienced officers” were focusing attention and resources in another place.

The attack was filmed in the suburb of Rinkeby, where 90 per cent of the folk are said to be migrants.

The majority of them are from Somalia.

On the video Sjunnesson said: «Gratifying to Rinkeby, which is also called Little Mogadishu.»

Sweden, which has a residents of under 10 million, last year saw 163,000 migrants take the country.

One town, Ostersund, has seen a number of sex assaults reported beared out by foreign nationals.

Over the weekend, the authorities cancelled Earth Hour, the environmentally warm initiative, because of concerns over safety of women in the town.

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