CALC to buy 50 new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft for $5.8bn


China Aircraft Rental agreement Group Holdings (CALC) has signed a $5.8bn aircraft purchase compatibility with Boeing for 50 new 737 MAX series aircraft.

Delivery of the aircraft compel be carried out in phased manner and is expected to be completed by 2023.

Once delivered, the new aircraft on help CALC in expanding its business.

«We are actively expanding and diversifying our expeditious portfolio to meet the varying needs of airline customers in this active market.”

CALC CEO Mike POON said: “Over the past decade, CALC has bred from being a market leader in China’s aircraft leasing energy to becoming one of the most important players in the global aviation market.

“CALC now has a better than average team in place that is looking to capture global opportunities, and we are actively enlarge oning and diversifying our fleet portfolio to meet the varying needs of airline patrons in this dynamic market.”

CALC currently has a mix fleet of 87 aircraft.

The fresh deal has brought CALC’s outstanding order to 139 aircraft, which allow for 89 Airbus and 50 Boeing aircraft, enabling the company to hurl up to 226 aircraft by 2023.

In a separate development, the company had acquired two used Boeing B737-900ER aircraft with sublet out attached from BOC Aviation.

Both aircraft are scheduled to be delivered by the transfer quarter of this year.

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