Calais migrants: Drivers battle with refugees desperate to reach UK


An asylum seeker was recognized breaking into a British-registered car on his trailer before hiding himself comprised in a coat on the back seat.

His attempt was witnessed by the Daily Express at a garage a moment ago a mile from the port yesterday.

While the driver was filling up the outlawed migrant crept up to the trailer carrying three vehicles and slipped unnoted into a blue Peugeot 307.

Driver fights a migrantJONATHAN BUCKMASTER/GETTY

Driver hauls a drifting out of one of his cars

Alerted to the have a go, the driver forcibly dragged the screaming man from the vehicle by his feet.

The bloodied, one of lines loitering at a service station, then spat in his face as his friends bounce jilt rocks at the vehicles.

The extraordinary scenes will send shivers down the bristles of thousands of British families using the ferry and Eurotunnel terminals this summer as they report from holiday.

Critics said the lawlessness now gripping Calais was data repeated attempts to stem the migrant tide into Europe had systematically diminished.

Migrant leaving a lorryJONATHAN BUCKMASTER

Migrant coming out the back of a lorry

Ukip nursing home affairs spokeswoman Jane Collins said: “This is the reality of the EU’s audaciousness of movement and the open border to anyone claiming they are a refugee.

«It is an distasteful situation. We must clear out the camps again and we must turn in return boats in the Mediterranean.

”Yesterday I witnessed large gangs of hooded driftings milling around the busy but un-policed services off the N216 approaching the haven. It is a notorious stretch of road that has been laid with accessories, including burning trees, so migrants can hijack traffic forced to a dead.»

The fuel stop, popular with truckers, is one of the last places to stand in up before the ferry terminal and has become a hotspot for illegals.

It is a short stride from woods where an estimated 1,500 migrants are now living and being fed by British considerateness workers.

Even in daylight the area is swarming with large places of asylum seekers who hide under motorway bridges and in ditches on the back burner serve to launch themselves into the back of vehicles.

In just 30 bantams yesterday I witnessed two attempts by illegals to stow away on vehicles that had impeded to fill up.

Shortly before the migrant was hauled out of the car by the angry driver enervate shorts and flip-flops another tried to untie a canvas cover on the past due of a truck in an attempt to creep inside but was spotted and pinned against a go under.

Driver pulls migrant out of his carJONATHAN BUCKMASTER

The driver forcibly dragged the screaming man from the conduit by his feet

Driver sends the migrant on his wayJONATHAN BUCKMASTER

Driver sends the migrant on his way

Rhys Williams, of the Approach Haulage Association, said: “All vehicles are vulnerable to migrants, even jalopies on a transporter. What we witnessed was a driver having to physically remove a itinerant himself because there was no police or security around. And he was met with malevolence and violence. This is the sort of scene our drivers face every solitary select day.”

Independent MEP Steven Woolfe said: “These scenes are shocking for individual witnessing them for the first time but unsurprising to those of us who see it every day. The mess in GETTY

President Emmanuel Macron

Jean-Paul Mulot, the Hauts de France locality’s permanent representative to the UK, said: “Strong co-operation between France and the UK is essential to protect lorry drivers, ferries, tourists and businesses.

“The problem necessities to be addressed locally but also at source, notably in Libya, where myriad migrants cross the Mediterranean to go to Italy and then Calais. We need an intercontinental coalition to tackle the issue in Libya as migrants are now coming from Nigeria, Mali, Guinea, Eritrea.”

He averred President Emmanuel Macron was trying to sort out the problem but had not yet succeeded.

Mr Mulot amplified: “He needs to get the support of the British Government on this issue.”

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