Calais mayor: ‘Don’t call them Calais migrants they’re Hollande’s migrants’


Mrs Bouchart was referring to the inside minister’s plan to dismantle the Calais Jungle by relocating the more than 10,000 migrants currently busy in the camp to other reception centres across France.

“I find their methods more flimsy. It would have been nice if someone had asked for our sentiment,” she told Le risien.

The hardline mayor also said that she did not expect that demolishing the Jungle would help ease the pressure on Calais.

She maintained: “I doubt it will. The relocation plan has come far too late … France troubles to take a firmer stance. We’re asking mayors to welcome Calais migrants, but they’re not Calais’s driftings: they’re Hollande’s and Cazeneuve’s!”

According to Mrs Bouchart, Mr Hollande’s government does not father the migrant crisis “under control”.

The right-wing mayor is also fed up of all the bad force Calais has received ever since migrants started pouring into the northern anchorage town in a bid to reach the UK.

“The fact that people keep saying that the relocation method will lead to ‘mini Calais’ really bothers me. I refuse to let people bungler my town’s name.”

And Mrs Bouchart is right on many fronts: the fact that the Jungle showy is being dismantled soon does not mean Calais will enhance migrant free overnight.

In fact, the Jungle consists of more than one strut: there is one official reception centre run by the state; a north zone speckled with makeshift shacks and tents; and then a section where people be subjected to set up camp in converted containers.

But some of the migrants living in the unofficial neighbourhoods of the Jungle are not rt of the relocation plan.

While the migrants who have used for refugee or asylum status will be sent to other reception hearts, the remaining migrants will be moved to the camp’s official sections, which, to the makeshift camps, will not be destroyed.

Around 2,000 migrants on stay on: 1,500 will live in the containers belonging to the state-run social centre, and 500 in a women’s shelter. A shelter for isolated minors is also being built.

But the French regime has failed to take into account the fact that some rovers do not actually want to live in France.

A vast majority of people around to Calais in order to get closer to the UK: the final – and most popular – destination for thousands of wayfarers.

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