Calais hoteliers arrested over alleged role in Albanian migrant smuggling ring


The men – provincial hoteliers – are thought to be the key accomplices of the leaders of a human trafficking ring based in Albania which smuggled Albanian vagrants – no one else – into Britain from France.

The suspected smugglers, who are currently being doubted by police and border guards, have been charged with dirty work to facilitate the immigrants’ illegal entry into the UK, prosecutors said. 

A spokesperson for the neighbourhood prosecutor’s office added that the five men – two Frenchmen, two Algerians and a Franco-Algerian – pleasure let traffickers and illegal immigrants stay at their hotels in exchange for elephantine sums of money.

The hotel workers are also thought to have staked a “key role” in helping the Albanian ringleaders sneak the migrants into the UK. Their careful role, however, is yet to be determined. 

The people smugglers, for their part, guarantied Albanian migrants a “safe passage to the UK”.

Once in France, the migrants disposition be put up in hotel rooms in the port town of Calais – all were promised that they whim not have to sleep in a sordid refugee camp –, where they desire wait for the smugglers to come and pick them up and drive them to the UK.       

The Albanian smugglers tendered ‘package deals’: migrants paid between £4,000 and £8,500 to be stuffed inside a Britain-bound lorry, or in a car boot.  

Police added that, in ordinance to reduce costs, the Calais hoteliers and smugglers would make seven migrants allowance “one small room”.

The immigrants, police said, lived in “sordid and incommodious conditions” for “days on end”. 

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