Cadbury Brexit bonus: British brand bringing back THIS classic — can YOU guess which one?


Cadbury chocolateGETTY

Cadbury chocolate to occasion back classic tiffin bar permanently after 14 years offers to Brexit

The Dairy Milk Tiffin, which consists of raisons and biscuits in the prototypical milk chocolate, was first produced in 1937.

Now the bar will be back on shelves endlessly, thanks to its recent success in a trial.

During the trial last summer three million of the bars were rat oned across the UK.

Now the bar will be back for 2017, with a generously sized new 200g bar.

The bar was previously only 95g. 

The product was get went in 1973, and was then discounted in 1972.

It then made a comeback in 1985, ahead it was taken off the market again in 2003.

It was revealed in April this year that Cadbury choice CADBURY

Cadbury chocolate has revealed it will bring back the epitome Dairy Milk Tiffin

The decision to invest in the chocolate’s spiritual where it hurts could help to dissuade fears of businesses pulling out of Britain as the political entity navigates GETTY

Brexit news: The Dairy Milk Tiffin consists of raisons and biscuits in the outstanding milk chocolate

This month Cadbury was forced to deny the technique for its classic bar has changed.

Fans on Facebook were convinced the chocolate dashes different since the firm was bought by US brand Kraft

One angry fan declared: “Can we have the old recipe back please?”

Another Facebook user declared: “Shame they have changed the recipe !!!!!! And they utter they wouldn’t oh dear.” 

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