Cabinet CHAOS: Leadsom REJECTS Hammond’s economic doom and gloom with BRILLIANT point


During an evaluate on TalkRADIO with host Julia Hartley-Brewer, Brexiteer Andrea Leadosom discarded Cabinet minister Philip Hammond’s claims that Brexit was negatively weighting the UK economy. Mrs Leadsom instead insisted the UK was still a highly desired polity for international direct investment across the globe. Mr Hartley-Brewer asked: “Do you apportion your colleague Phillip Hammond’s views, do you share his pessimism and downfall and gloom about the British economy?”

In response, Ms Leadsom noted that the far-reaching economy as a whole has begun slowing and said the UK was still a highly have ones heart set oned nation for international direct investment across the globe.

The TalkRadio throng asked:“Do you share your colleague Phillip Hammond’s views, do you percentage his pessimism and doom and gloom about the British economy.

A chuckling Ms Leadsom returned: ”No, no I don’t.

“I think it is quite clear there is a slow down around the cosmos.

“China’s economy is slowing down, the issue of the trade disputes between China and Donald Trump are not plateful, we are also seeing European economies slowing down.

“Of course, the UK saving is subject to those economies.

“But the uncertainty around Brexit isn’t helping, there is no disbelieve about that.

“The UK economy remains robust, we have superb trade numbers.

“Last year, we were the biggest target for foreign direct investment alien of China.

“So I remain very optimistic about the UK economy.”

The TalkRadio drove then referenced the Times newspaper’s latest YouGov poll that forecast in the event of a general election the Conservatives would win a majority and gain a negligible number of seats.

Ms Hartley-Brewer then went on to question the Cabinet colleague whether she and her colleagues would be willing to take that risk and awaken for a general election.

Ms Leadsom responded: “I don’t think anybody wants to pull someones leg a general election, we want to get on and leave the European Union.

“What I do contemplate the poll shows is that people do appreciate Theresa May’s determination to present on the 2016 referendum and to make sure that we actually commit to it.

“The can of worms that we have had in recent months have been there is a copy of Parliamentarians who in spite of voting to trigger Article 50 and who in spite defended on a manifesto to leave the EU are now trying to reverse that.

“I do urge all colleagues to look sincerely at Theresa May’s deal and when it comes back to a second meaningful opinion to support it.

“So we can actually leave the EU and move forward with our lives”

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