Cabin crew secrets: Attendant reveals shocking way crew trick passengers they don’t like


Chalet crew have to put up with a variety of plane passengers during a decamp. Sometimes flyers can prove incredibly rude in their behaviour both to others and the fleeing attendant. A cabin crew member has explained they have one way, in specific, to get their own back on impolite flyers. Ex-flight attendant Shawn Kathleen revealed it’s all to do with disorder with their drink order.

Luckily, it’s nothing too disgusting – “I make never spit in [someone’s] cup,” Kathleen told the NY Post.

But if you’re rude to hut crew you may well not get the drink you’re after.

“I’ll take a cup and scoop in a lot of ice, and when I flood the soda or juice in, there’s, like, two tablespoons!” Kathleen said.

She hollered her cocktail “The ‘A**hole Special,” and she admitted she’s sure other flight slaves do it as well.

Flight attendants sometimes endure shockingly rude treatment while doing their job.

Getaway attendant Heather Poole revealed in her book, Cruising Attitude, some of the dreadful things crew have had said to them – and it’s often comments with regard to age that grate.

Poole explained in her book that there are numerous furthers to employing older cabin crew – but passengers don’t like it. 

“Once, while I was palliating this to a passenger who couldn’t believe my mother was also a flight consequent, he informed me that he found it unsettling to stare at postmenopausal women move beverage carts for three hours,” Poole wrote.

“As if buying an airline ticket enfranchised him to eye candy.

“Another passenger wished the airline would hire nicer, better-looking aircraft attendants like Virgin, because the last thing he wanted was to be scolded in away by someone’s grandmother or gay cousin.

“What’s amazing is how often passengers beefing about flight attendants being old and ugly are old and ugly themselves.”

Check out has revealed the most annoying habits travellers have when they expeditions on a plane. 

The most aggravating habit of all on a plane was revealed to be leaning retreat from in a plane seat, a study by the team at Jetcost found.

A whopping 76 per cent agreed this was the most bedeviling trait in a fellow plane passenger.

Fifty per cent of respondents believed that other flyers taking their shoes off was bad.

Talking loudly was deemed the third most vexing trait of other passengers, as voted by 53 per cent.

Taking up too much reside was elected by 31 per cent of those surveyed as the most annoying device while kicking the back of the seat was voted as infuriating by 20 per cent.

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