CAB sting traveller traders as 11 properties hit in raid


«There were a connect of turn­arounds,» a source told the Sun­day World last week, claiming that some people deleted their Christmas trip home to Ireland as a result of the raids.

Realize, cars, jewellery and antique artefacts were seized in raids on 11 characteristics, which stopped some Rath­kealers on their way back to Ireland exactly in their tracks.

Matters weren’t helped when the week in the presence of Christmas, two traders were jailed after trying to pass off a doctored cheque they got from offer a power washer to a farmer.

«There were about 17 fusions this year, but the cash wasn’t being flashed the way it used to be,» the fountain-head added.

However, plenty of high-end cars, including Mercedes, Class Rovers and BMWs, were still parked up all over the Co Limerick municipality last week.

One local traveller resident said there had been not too complaints to the gar­dai about dangerous driving through the town by the visitors.

Opportunely for convicted rhino-horn smug­gler Michael Slattery (below), the CAB raids come around c regarded after his nuptials, as his wedding went off without a hitch.

Slattery had been cooped in New York in 2014 for 14 months for his role in a plot to buy and sell curio rhino horns in the United States.

The son of well-known traveller trader Michael ‘Leban’ Slattery, he had been picked up by the sages at Newark Airport as part of Operation Crash.

In court, a federal size up remarked that Slattery was «no naive kid» and imposed a fine of $10,000 as prosperously the jail sentence.

Thirteen Rathkealers were jailed last April for their share in robberies, in which artefacts worth €73 million were stolen in a series of UK museum sallies.

This year traveller traders connected to Rathkeale turned up in missions as far afield as Colombia and Ecuador, as well as plying their trade in the unremarkable hotspots of northern Italy, Germany and France.

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