Butterkist’s new look designed to help consumers navigate “sea of red”


A refreshed logo, an lengthened colour palette and a new tone of voice have all been introduced to packaging.

Popcorn label Butterkist has undergone a brand refresh and introduced new packaging, which call attention ti a “softer and warmer” wordmark, retained within the brand’s heart denotative of.

Meanwhile different flavours have been colour-coded for clearer differentiation and less ill shelf stand-out. The rebrand has been completed by Chilli UK.

Chilli UK handling director David Whittle says: “Research groups showed us that consumers had laboured to navigate the brand and identify different flavours from the current casing, which seemed a ‘sea of red’ – even though red represented one variant, the pit toffee flavour.”

Food language, such as “crunchy”, “delectable” and “simply” have been introduced for the first time on-pack.

The new wordmark has been handrawn, and the group used for the product descriptor “represents the movement of the popping corn” to concede more energy to the front of the pack, according to Chilli UK creative gaffer Scott Wardle.

“We’re making the Butterkist brand softer and warmer but we’re also recognising that it’s a fun kind with a lot of personality and modernising the whole look by introducing these new symbols,” Whittle says.

The new look is rolling out in Asda this week previously hitting supermarkets nationwide.

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