Business tycoon says hard EU exit would be VERY dangerous for the UK in Brexit WARNING


Tony Smurfit, CEO of uniting firm Smurfit Kappa, praised the “realism” coming from the Administration following the fourth round of exit talks.

Speaking to Bloomberg, he responded a “hard” break from the bloc would be “very difficult” for the UK.

He intended: “The longer-term implications of a Brexit if it happens in a hard way, as is being predicted, would be I characterize as very difficult for the UK.

“I’ve seen over the last couple of weeks a teeny-weeny bit more realism coming into that whole scenario and so we see some class of a transition arrangement.”

Brexit news - SmurfitBloomberg

The boss of Smurfit struck a warning on hard-Brexit.

Mr Smurfit was asked about his whether he would expand his province in the UK or if he was now looking to continental Europe instead.

He said: “I think the UK is a very significant market for us so we have to go where our customers are going and so far we haven’t seen anything, we’re altogether comfortable in the UK.

“We’ve put a lot of money in here we’ve put over £200million over the stay number of years into the UK market.

“So thus far we’re saying all the indications are that it’s not in the UK’s partisans to have a hard Brexit and if it isn’t a hard Brexit then ultimately I weigh what will happen is they’ll find a way to make this effort for business.”

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