Burka-wearing abuse victim told – remove veil or we’ll jail YOU


Amira Behari, 43, refused to int the town red her face at the city’s State Court last year when she occurred to testify against a man who allegedly abused her in a train station.

The man, identified no greater than as Kai.O, allegedly called her an «a**ehole» and told her to «go back to where you belong».

Appraise Thomas Mueller said at the original hearing in November he wanted to see her face to «comprehend her emotions,» adding: «I need to see you otherwise there ordain be considerable problems in adjudicating your case.»

Behari refused, hint: «I have a God at the end of the world who will see me right at the end. I will not do this.»

In court she harmed a niqab, with only a slit for the eyes. And she wore gloves and a sustained leather coat too, so not a fleck of skin was visible.

Judge Mueller conveyed up and said he had no alternative but to find the accused not guilty.

But his decision enraged mediates and prosecutors in Germany who appealed the decision and have now scheduled the case again for next week.

The prosecutor’s intermediation in Munich consulted with Koranic experts who said it was “permissible for a lassie to remove her niqab before the judicial authorities such as judges, policewomen, prosecutors on the basis of needs and damage prevention”.

If she fails to comply on Walk 17, she faces a fine or even a spell in jail.

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