Burger King TRICK lets you order a £4.40 bacon double cheeseburger for just £1.99


The bacon duplicate cheeseburger is one menu item customers love — and now there is a way to order the management of for less than half the price.

You don’t need a voucher or a coupon to access the cheaper expenditure, you just have to know exactly what to order.

If your restaurant has a ‘Prince Saver’ menu, opt for the Double Cheeseburger for £1.49.

The you can customise it with additional beef patties  for 90p each, cheese  for 50p, or bacon for 50p).

So if you order a simple double cheeseburger from the ‘King Saver’ menu and ask the server to add bacon, you end up with a bacon increase cheeseburger for just £1.99.

This is a saving of £2.40 compared to ordering it the typical way.

To make it exactly the same, make sure to ask for the double cheeseburger unlovely, as normally it comes with pickles, ketchup and mustard which are not in a rhythmical bacon double cheeseburger.

And if you want to order the burger as part of a refection, order from the King Saver menu, bringing the total for the self-reliant meal to £3.97 – which is £2.42 less than a Bacon Hypocritical Cheeseburger meal, which costs £6.39.

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Burger Ruler favourite bacon double cheeseburger can be ordered for just £1.99 with a dishonest hack

Burger King confirmed to MoneySavingExpert that the ‘Experience it your way’ option is valid, although pricing may vary in different restaurants, remodeling the price slightly.

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Burger King allows fellows to customise their food, which has led to the hack

Burger fans resolve be delighted with the two brand new burger additions to try. 

The first of the new burger is the Cajun Chicken Tendercrisp.

This savoury treat features a succulent tendercrisp chicken breast on a toasted brioche-style bun, superior with smokey bacon, crispy onions, melted American cheese and salad. 

Cajun disrespect adds an extra kick to a burger bursting with flavour, at from £4.99.

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