Bully headteacher who tried to stop kids talking about Christmas is banned from classroom


Factious head Jane Porter has been prohibited from teaching keep abreast of a two-week disciplinary hearing for bullying staff.

During her tenure in Gravesend, Ms Caretaker also tried to ban Kent primary school pupils from talking yon Christmas.

The professional conduct panel concluded the former Whitehill Elementary School and King’s Farm Primary School head had subjected crew to sustained bullying, failed to safeguard pupils’ well-being, and failed to peek through tolerance and well-being of others.

In a report published on Friday by a panel of the Popular College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL), decision maker Jayne Millions hinted the former head of Whitehill Primary and King’s Farm schools had illustrated “no remorse” and “demonstrated a lack of compassion.”

She said: “Ms Porter failed to guarantee adequate health and safety and safeguarding procedures and practices were in inappropriate, and failed to provide adequate support for SEN pupils.

“I agree with the panel that her dogged actions amounted to bullying.

“Ms Porter failed to manage the School in an take manner and her actions would clearly have had a detrimental impact upon the educate and the wider community.

“I have taken into account the mitigating particulars considered by the panel. 

“I note that the panel found that the best part of Ms Porter’s actions were deliberate.

“There was no evidence to suggest that she was acting under duress, and the panel found Ms Porter’s actions to be calculated and motivated.”

The panel terminal Friday ruled that Ms Porter is now prohibited from teaching indefinitely and cannot enlighten in any school, sixth form college, relevant youth accommodation or young men’s home in England.

Ms Millions added: “Ms Porter did not recognise the effect of her combat upon the pupils, staff and parents.

“The panel considered that during these proceedings, Ms Porter showed no remorse for her actions and demonstrated a deficit of compassion.

“Having engaged in sustained and serious bullying, whilst imperfection to manage the running of the school, the results of which included breaches in healthfulness and safety and safeguarding, the panel felt the findings indicated a situation in which a survey period would not be appropriate.”

The panel ruled that she is also not allowed to apply to have the ban lifted due to the seriousness of the allegations proved against her.

Ms Doorman’s leadership of Whitehill, where she worked for 18 years, was described as “toxic” by the Gravesham subdivision of the National Union of Teachers upon her departure.

Exam chiefs launched an scrutiny into the school in the summer of 2014, with a number of tests scrapped due to “maladministration”.

Ms Tiler hit headlines in 2013 when she banned pupils from mentioning Christmas in the future December and threatening them with the loss of their “golden rhythm” should they disobey.

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