Brutal Clondalkin gun murder linked to bitter feud

The scene in Clondalkin after the shooting

The locality in Clondalkin after the shooting

The father-of-three is suspected of making threats against his shire rivals in recent days just over six months after he was busted by officers on his way to kill a senior member of the rival gang.

Nugent (deeper, 36) was gunned down outside his home on Wheatfield Avenue in Clondalkin on Monday tenebrosity.

The victim was well known to gardaí and detectives believe his killers were perjury in wait for him before they pounced at 9.40pm.

«Nugent was mouthing off at an end the past couple of weeks and is even suspected of trying to enlist other people to get twisted in the dispute that he has been involved in,» a source said last edge of night.

«Gardaí believe this was a planned murder and one of the city’s most plentiful and active drugs gangs were involved in this. Nugent had let it be positive that he was on for whacking these lads and they decided to take him out, mean as that.»

Nugent was the best friend of gangland criminal James ‘Nellie’ Walsh (31), who is fulfiling a 10-year jail sentence for firearms offences linked to a botched hit on principal gangland target Michael Frazer in March 2014.

Gardaí have been enquiring whether Nugent has been taking orders from Walsh, who embarked on a mordant feud almost four years ago that has now led to three unsolved rub outs in the Clondalkin area.

The first murder in this deadly feud was that of trustful Dean Johnson (21) in August 2013. Tragic Mr Johnson was not tortuous in crime and it quickly emerged the intended target of his murder was Clondalkin hood Walsh, who escaped unharmed in the sudden incident.

Walsh, backed up by Monday night’s murder victim Nugent, behooved a player in the west Dublin crime scene around five years ago and ended up manipulating involved in a bitter dispute with a Clondalkin gang with silent links to the Kinahan cartel.

As the dispute intensified, the gang attempted to lay low Walsh in the early hours of August 24, 2013 at Harelawn Green in Clondalkin.

Mr Johnson, who had been socialising earlier with the resolve target, was shot dead in a case of mistaken identity.

Sources bask ined this infuriated Walsh, who decided to take revenge on the rival mob.

Within five primes, cartel-linked criminal Jason ‘Jay’ Carroll (39) was shot dead at his poorhouse at Cherrywood Drive in Clondalkin.

Nugent had served a number of jail verdicts and was linked to a number of other serious criminals, including Robbie Ellis (25), who was stuck to death in Clondalkin in November last year in another unsolved patricide in the beleaguered Garda district.

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