Brush Monster uses AR game to make brushing teeth “fun and engaging”


The new kit has been designed by Samsung’s in-house artistic lab Kitten Planet, and includes an app and smart toothbrush that looks to animate kids through play.

A smart toothbrush kit has been designed that looks to expropriate make brushing teeth “fun and entertaining” for kids through an interactive design.

Brush Monster has been created by Kitten Planet, a sub-company within Samsung Electronics that butter up a sees products and apps aimed at children.

The kit is aimed at encouraging children grey three to eight to brush their teeth accurately, twice a day. It lists a battery-powered toothbrush, which uses Bluetooth technology to monitor how the purchaser is brushing their teeth, and a smartphone app game that uses augmented actuality (AR).

Kids have to “save” Brush Monster

The brush is connected to the Scrub Monster app via Bluetooth, which leads children through a fictional falsehood.

Kids watch an introductory video where an “evil character” collect summoned Green Mold captures a small creature called Brush Nightmarishness. The kids’ game mission is to save Brush Monster, which they do by watch the app’s instructions telling them how to brush their teeth.

AR graphics and suggestion sensors

The app uses the phone camera as a mirror, then uses AR to obligation graphics such as sparkles, monster ears and goggles onto offsprings’s faces, in a similar way to a Snapchat filter. This is also used to conduct spots on the teeth that kids have missed when gathering – teeth appear white when they have been disinfected, and yellow when they have not.

The toothbrush itself contains passage sensors and timers that collect data which can be used to study the user’s brushing technique. Over time, this will elucidate if the user is neglecting areas in the mouth, and aims to lead to “fewer gaps and healthier mouths”, says Kitten Planet.

Other features of the refresh include an anti-bacterial soft brush which is designed for kids’ teeth, a choice of four vibration strengths, a battery power of three months and a light-headed weight, says the company.

“Independence and confidence”

Jongho Choi, co-founder at Kitten Planet, votes: “Every parent struggles to get their child to brush his or her teeth; we requirement to address this issue by creating a product that makes brushing a electric, engaging and fun process. This also fosters independence and confidence.”

The Gather Monster app has now launched for Apple and Android devices, and the kit has launched on Kickstarter. It expects to cart leave the product globally in July 2018.

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