Brothel recruiter tries to hire our reporter… then tells her to supply her own condoms


The bagnio worker, who goes by the name of ‘Chloe’, placed an ad online last week looking for broads to work in a ‘massage parlour’ in Dublin 15.

After answering the advert, it right away became clear that she was looking for an employee with more than a moment ago expert massage therapy skills.

During an interview with our private reporter, Chloe left us in no doubt about what is really on suggest in the cramped granny flat on a quiet street in a nondescript housing estate of the realm in Blanchardstown.

Promising that her girls earn well in excess of €300 a day, she directly said: “What we offer is body to body massage.” “What we are doing here is the consistency to body massage.

It is €60 for half-hour and €80 for an hour.

The house performs €30 per client so the rest is yours. “There are other girls who do escorts, if you do watch overs you can charge an extra €100 for the hour. “So whatever you can do and whatever you can get out of the client, you can do extras.

“So yes, carcass to body and some people don’t want to do blow-j**s and things, but you can bring your condoms and wipes.”

Our presswoman contacted Chloe after reading an advert posted to an adult website skim: “We are hiring staff for our new massage shop in Dublin.”

The mobile number promulgated is also used to promote a further six ads that offer sex for sale.

They involve one entitled, ‘The chocolate city in Dublin 15’ and another called, ‘Manipulation beauty of America’.

When our reporter made enquires about the job, Chloe, not surprisingly, not at all asked about massage therapy qualifications and instead arranged a once upon a time for an interview.

Refusing to give us an exact location, Chloe asked our news-hen to phone her when we were at the nearby Blanchardstown Shopping Centre to await conducts.

When we arrived for the interview in the quiet housing estate, we were trained to an alleyway at the side of a house that leads to a small kitchen and become alert area that serves as a waiting area for clients. Immediately, it was unsmiling down to business.

 Stressing that business is booming, Chloe solicit froms our reporter if she can start the very next day. “Could you do tomorrow in the morning, be received b affect in at 10.30am to five?

There are regulars from the area that come across all the time – you will always be busy, “There was an American girl here yesterday and she did 15 [patients] yesterday. You will be busy all day.

“Sometimes lunchtime clients come and you last wishes as do something, you will make more than €300 a day.”

During the evaluation, Chloe repeatedly answers the phone and makes arrangements with customers and tells them the cost of the services on offer. Ironically, a picture of the Untouchable Heart of Jesus can be seen on the wall in the background of the flat as Chloe communicate ins.

The granny flat consists of a bedroom – where the sex worker is based – and a pinch-hit wait out room where Chloe, or another worker, can answer client’s emails and standing bies.

The sex-workers are employed to work shifts in the ‘massage parlour’ – spirit that there is only ever one girl selling sex at any one time.

Entreating how much each girl makes in a week, Chloe said: “They skedaddle a lot of money, it’s hard to calculate. Some do massage, some do extras and some do whatever. “You last will and testament work 10.30am to 5pm or 5pm to 10pm. And once a week you can do the whole day.”

Showing us the bathroom and appropriating towards a small bedroom at the front of the house, Chloe explained how the tawdry operation is run.

“There is a boss here, an Irish guy, and I’m South African, so there is a include you always text whenever you are busy.

“You text him each time you bring into the world the client and write in the booklet and you text the number. You are saying you are [either] doing an hour or half hour.

“We prepare for the oils and the sheets. This is the shower and just one room, one person per look after.

You don’t have to fight for clients. “I used to work in town so you would sit down in the latitude and the clients would choose same girl – this one is better because you are by oneself.”

Shortly after our reporter left the premises, two men exited a car and entered for a ‘rub and tug’.

They are barely the beginning of a string of sleazy punters who are looking for sex. The number we contacted was entered in a further six ads that offer sex for sale.

One ad stated: “We offer call-outs to motels private places bachelor’s party’s.

Top class service and very individual. Thanking you so much. While another ad posted states; “We offer greatest service in Dublin 15.

We offer body to body massage. We also proposal 4 hands .we also have free parking available near all amenities.

Next to Coolmine bring up station and buses 37and39 .Also call-outs to VIP.” Last March, Ireland sorted it a crime to buy sex after passing new laws aimed at tackling sex trafficking and keep safe women forced into prostitution.

Canada, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Northern Ireland had yesterday introduced similar laws designed to punish men who use prostitutes without criminalising the prostitutes.

At the mercy of the new law anyone convicted of using a prostitute in Ireland faces a maximum brilliant of €500 for a first offence and €1,000 for a second. Anyone who uses a trafficked charwoman faces up to five years in jail.

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