Brits get out NOW! Military chief warns UK citizens to flee North Korea and South Korea


The post is so critical the Government should be advising British nationals in the Korean peninsula to up if the tensions over Kim Jong Un’s nuclear programme continue to ratchet up, Admiral The Creator West of Spithead said. 

He added there was a «real risk» the going round stand off between North Korea and the United States could escalate into an present conflict, resulting in an exchange of nuclear weapons, with «catastrophic» consequences for the district.

Lord West said advising UK citizens to leave the peninsula and adjacent Japan would send a message to the international community that they have need of to act to prevent a lurch into all out war.

It is extremely worrying

Swagger West

«When you start giving certain advice to your natives people start taking notice and maybe China and others whim say ‘Goodness me, this is really serious’,» he told BBC Radio 4’s Broadcasting Edifice.

«I would set out a certain number of parameters, that if in terms of tension if thingumajigs change, and say ‘You should now think about getting out and about other being you should think about not going there’.»

The current Foreign Work travel advice for both South and North Korea notes that forces «remain high» following the North’s latest nuclear and missile investigations but does not advise Britons to leave.

South Korea - Kim Jong UnGETTY

Britons have been informed to leave North and South Korea amid increasing tensions

Lord West, but, said he feared chances of a conflict breaking out in the region were now momentous than at any time since the end of the Korean War in 1952.

«It is extremely worrying. I think that there is a true risk — by miscalculation, probably, more than anything else — of something episode that no one intends,» he said.

«The results would be catastrophic. It would be hundreds of thousands if not millions, slipping away and, yes, we would be pulled into finally.

North Korea missilesGETTY

North Korea read out missile tests

«I don’t think our nation would be liable to a nuclear inroad. I think any nuclear weapons would be limited to two or three, but that is sufficiency to cause absolute untold damage because nuclear weapons should not be warfighting weapons. They are there, I swear by, to make war unthinkable.»

The latest rise in tensions follow the disclosure that US alertness analysts had concluded the North Koreans had developed a nuclear warhead miserly enough to be fitted on a ballistic missile that could be used to inveigh against the US mainland.

Tourists in South KoreaEPA

Lord West said advising UK citizens to leave the peninsula and within reach Japan

It prompted President Donald Trump to issue a series of unharmonious warnings that the US would rain «fire and fury» on North Korea if it resumed its threats.

Pyongyang responded by announcing plans to test fire a series of guided missiles into the waters around the US Pacific island territory of Guam where American principal bombers are based.

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