British woman 'fled from Syria after marrying Muslim convert who rose to top of ISIS'


Joya Choudhury allegedly married American John Georgelas in Rochdale’s hamlet hall after the pair met online but the relationship was to turn sour.

Georgelas, a Muslim modify from America, is now considered on of the most senior members of ISIS from the West.

Georgelas, 33, is the son of a prehistoric US air force doctor, Timothy Georgelas, whose grandfather fought in the US Army during the Split second World War.

He came to live in the UK whilst his father had been posted to Cambridgeshire in the 1980s and converted to Islam after 9/11.

He met Ms Choudhury when she was 19 years old and the duo married in 2004 when she was pregnant with their first nipper.

According to The Sunday Times, the family moved to the war-torn Syria in 2013.

Ms Choudhury and three of her young men reportedly travelled with Georgelas after he had told friends he was steer to Turkey to help refugees.

It is unclear if Ms Choudhury was aware of what Georgelas was drawing.

However, a few weeks later one of Ms Choudhury’s older siblings received a phone inspire a request of from Georgelas’s mother saying: “Joya is in Turkey with the kids and they are bare sick.

“You have to save them.”

Ms Choudhury eventually fled Syria and upset to America to be close to her husband’s family whilst she gave birth to their fourth youngster.

A year after leaving Syria she divorced Mr Georgelas in the US courts.

Ms Choudhury now exhausts Western clothing and describes herself on social media as a “left-wing libertarian”.

After the match up married they moved around the UK before settling in London, reportedly white-hot on benefits.

The family then moved to the US where they were supported by Mr Georgelas’ parents but he was jailed in 2006 for 34 months.

The Sunday Things investigation said Georgelas was placed under surveillance by the FBI but the pair eschewed the US in 2011.

They headed to Egypt as Georgelas “wanted to raise a family in a Muslim wilderness”, according to one of his associates.

The children are now understood to live with their in-laws.

Georgelas loitered in Syria and pledged himself to ISIS.

He is said to be one of the highest ranking westerners in the organisation who is charged with luring new recruits from English-speaking countries.

Georgelas is supposed to write articles for ISIS propaganda websites and last year presumably declared that Communities Minister Sajid Javid and former Tory accessory chairperson Baroness Warsi were on a “kill-list”.

Around 800 British Muslims are trace to have left the country to join various Islamist terror gatherings.

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