British passport hides THESE two French phrases – can you spot them?


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British passports comprise two French phrases on the front – do you know what they mean?

The British passport, whilst currently burgundy, could when all is said change in colour after Brexit.

The change could mean customary back to the original navy blue and even be designed by a French map firm if they beat the current British private security following, De La Rue.

What many people may not realise is that there are two French writes hidden on the front of the passport.

Going back hundreds of years, can you judgement them both?

The royal coat of arms in the UK is the official coat for the British crowned head

The royal coat of arms in the UK is the official coat for the British monarch.

Instructed with a lion and a unicorn, it has two French phrases beneath them.

One is “Dieu et mon Droit” which means “God and my Right”, which was supposed to have been used by Richard I, who reigned from 1157 to 1199, as a hand-to-hand encounter cry.

Over 200 years later, King Henry V adapted the commonplace to add “and my right”.

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British passports from the two French phrases within the royal coat of arms

The other French voice is “Honi soit qui mal y pense” which translates as “Shame be to him who thinks cataclysm of it”.

It is famously the motto of the Order of the Garter, created by Edward III in 1348, with new berths of the order announced on St George’s Day.

The two French phrases make up the UK coat of arms.

Another esoteric revealed about the passport explains Getty

British passports could speedily change back to navy post-Brexit

Biometric passports were organized in 2005, adding an additional layer of security using facial detection technology.

When a person smiles, it throws the technology off and makes it harder to label the person.

Quora user Dan Holliday explained it further: “This is because biometric facial inspects typically identify 14 – 20 points on your face (incisiveness of nose, eyes, lips, etc.) the position of your face shifts those stresses and it may cause difficulty in identifying who you are. 

“Because of this, the biometric system professions best if you maintain a placid, casual look (neither frowning nor smiling).”

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