British holidaymaker rushed to Ibiza hospital after being attacked by cabbie


The 33-year-old castigated medics the taxi driver hit him round the head with a baseball bat in an take a crack at to rob him.

An ambulance took him to the island’s Can Misses Hospital from a bay on the west coast called Cala Vadella.

The event is said to have happened around 6am this morning.

The unnamed Brit is being care for for head and facial injuries.

It is understood a registered cabbie stopped and rear the alert.

Local authorities in Ibiza fine so-called ‘pirate’ cabbies who swarm to the island every summer up to £5,000 if they catch them.

An conjectured 200 of the unregistered drivers travel to Ibiza every summer.

Diverse of them rent cars with credit cards they in a minute cancel.

They focus on the airport where they try to under-cut legitimate taxi drivers or in busy nightlife areas, although many holidaymakers wail of being ‘stung’ with higher-than-normal fares.

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