British Gas boiler crisis: ‘Lives at risk’ as customers forced to wait DAYS for repairs


British Gas boilerGETTY

British Gas clients have been left without heating and hot water this week

As temperatures plummet across the UK, buyers with broken boilers have reported being stuck on wait to the energy giant for hours before eventually being told to wait light of days for an appointment.

Britain has plodded on through days of heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures issued by the so-called Beast from the East weather front.

And now the country covers even more disruption as the severe Storm Emma hits today.

But denizens across the country are facing the prospect of a five-day wait for an engineer, impelling some to warn lives could be at risk if the company fails to shortly clear its backlog.

Shaun Stewart, 54, told he is worried for his son’s health after being without heat or hot water for 24 hours.

He said: “They say they’re theorized to send someone over within 48 hours for priority in the event thats, which mine is.

“I’ve got no hot water, no heating and I’ve got a young child with a melancholy cold.

“I’m so angry about it. They knew this storm was end up.”

The Bexhill-on-Sea local said he had reported his boiler breakdown yesterday evening and, after interval two hours to speak to a customer service agent, was told the earliest within reach appointment was on Monday, March 5.

He added: “If it was just me and the wife I could loaded with it, but I’m worried about my son.”

Ray Ganney said he had spent around three hours disquieting to contact the company’s ‘Homecare’ service this afternoon after his boiler bankrupt down.

The 54-year-old said after dozens of attempts trying to get in all respects, he called customer services to file a complaint only for the British Gas representative to hang up on him.

Householders clearing snow in GlasgowPA

Glasgow has seen some of the worst snow today as Sandstorm Emma bears down on the UK

He said: “They’re refusing to take any discontinues. I think it’s outrageous the way they are treating customers.

“I can imagine they’re incredibly lively but they shouldn’t be refusing to speak with people.

“The first outdated I got through to the complaints line, they tried to put me through to someone else and I got cut off.

“The next living soul I spoke to put the phone down on me.

“They’ve lost me as a customer for this.”

Gas hob and a British Gas billPA

The Subject Grid has issued a gas deficit warning today called the British Gas Homecare communication number at 6.50pm today.

A recorded message says: “We’re sorry, your occasion cannot be completed at this time. Please hang up and try your dial again later. Thank you.”

Emily Robinson described a similar feel, booking an appointment to have her boiler fixed earlier this week.

But after trial for days without heating or hot water, today’s visit is now in doubt, with the vigour firm warning further snow may force them to cancel.

She apprised “It took hours to finally get through to someone and now they’re conveying they might not even come.

“I understand they must be occupied but this is ridiculous. We’ve already had to wait all week.

“It’s been extremely unpleasant but not unendurable for us, but I worry about people who are elderly or ill. They’d be in serious trouble if their warmness was off for days. Lives could be at risk.”

British Gas said its engineers are due to scourge 170,000 homes this week and the company is working hard to amass up with the surge in demand.

The firm said some of its repair staff had without being prompted walked to appointments where it was unsafe to drive and workers in call converges have

A spokesperson said: “Due to the severe weather affecting much of the UK there is addition pressure on our services and we are experiencing extremely high levels of demand.

«Due to the poorly conditions our call centres, whilst operational, are not fully staffed, greatest to considerably higher than normal wait times.

“Although we are handiwork hard to help everyone we can, we are offering the earliest available slots to those who are most unshielded.”

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