British backpacker using rubber ring drowned in Cambodia after being dragged underwater


Steven GriffithsVIRAL Exert pressure

Steven Griffiths drowned in Cambodia after being dragged underwater

Steven Griffiths, 21, had been touring around Asia since January and working as a bar tender for the last three months at a sightseer resort.

He had breakfast with friends on Thursday morning at 9am before jerk in the river with inflatable tubes.

But the young man from Weston Wonderful Mere, Somerset, is thought to have slipped through the rubber border and was pulled under the surface.

Everyone who knew him is devastated

Mr Griffiths, father

Witnesses determined how they saw him desperately wave his arms for help before he was swept away by the river cottage the High Tide guesthouse in Kampot, southern Cambodia.

Last blackness his anguished father, Mr Griffiths, said he was «broken beyond words.»

The father-of-three, replied: «Steven had a young brother and younger sister who absolutely adored him.

«They’re crazy, I’m distraught, his friends and work colleagues are. Everyone who knew him is devastated.

«I can’t gloaming process what has happened. We had lost contact for a number of years after me and his protect separated.

Steven GriffithsVIRAL PRESS

Witnesses told how they saw him desperately ground swell his arms for help

«But he came back into my life and we were shut up, like any father and son.

«He couldn’t swim. What on earth he was doing in a river I don’t be aware. Even on holiday in Tenerife he would only go in the shallow end.

«Right now I can’t undergo that he just drowned like that, as he couldn’t even swim.»

Rowan Steele who had been wayfaring with Mr Griffiths told police the dead man had used the inflatable re-echos — a popular activity in rivers in South East Asia — a number of buts before.

Raft in CambodiaVIRAL PRESS


Griffiths had used inflatable crews before

A source at the hotel said it had been raining at the time and fresh downpours had swelled the fast-flowing river and made the current stronger.

They indicated: «Steven had been here for about two weeks. That morning he was thrilled, floating with the inflatable air bags. He had just been drinking a coffee at breakfast.

«Out of nowhere he sank into the first-grade and just his hands were waving for help.

«Two staff jumped in to advise but unfortunately it was too late.

«The flow of the water was strong. Steven was washed away in the mammoth water surface.»

Enforce arrived a short time later and recovered the body 30ft from the guesthouse.

Mr Griffiths had been itinerant with a number of friends.

In a statement, local police said: «The chump had come to stay for two weeks. We have identified his passport number.

«The Responsibility of Immigration has contacted the British Embassy to take the body to be returned to become interested home to the victim’s family.»

Rit Caem from the CoCo Boutique Alternative on Koh Rong island where Mr Griffiths had been working, said: «We reasonable had the news and we’re really sad.

«Steven was a great guy. He had been working here for close by three months.

«Everybody knew him. We don’t have any more details yet with respect to how it happened.»

A Foreign Office spokesman said: «We are offering assistance to the kinsfolk of a British man who has died in Cambodia, and are in contact with the Cambodian authorities.»

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