British Airways will ‘always be a premium airline’ despite removing free food from flights


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British Airways: The airline countries it will always be a premium flight

They now offer customers M&S subsistence which they can purchase on the plane

British Airways chief chief executive Alex Cruze stated at the Aviation Club lunch: “Let me make our site clear: we are, and always will be, a premium airline. And we are, and always will be, vouchsafed to customer choice.”

This is in light of recent cost-cutting processes that the airline has contracted, such as removing free meals on their flights.

Instead, they now forth customers M&S food which they can purchase on the plane with sandwiches starting at £3.90.

Cruz also allows that this won’t change anytime soon: “It was absolutely the right decidedness for BA to take, and I absolutely admit it was very difficult at the beginning.”

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British Airways: Cut in on haul flights no longer have free food

Problems with this were stated from the get-go, with commuters on longer flights to Europe complaining that there was a limited fitting or that there was no food left.

Cruz then admitted that they “formed apologies” and “fixed it”, and that long-haul flights will still be prone free food and drink.

Other European carriers such as Norwegian and Ryanair are capable to keep their costs lower by not offering free food during the bolt.


British Airways: Passengers must now purchase inflight edibles unless on a long haul flight

Often called zone-boarding, first-class fares and those with a gold membership will automatically be allowed to room first.

Economy passengers who choose to fly with just hand gear will be the last to board in the new system.

Children and anyone travelling with a handicap will be exempt from this rule and still be allowed on the level surface first.

An internal British Airways document, seen by The Independent, constitutions: “Group boarding simplifies the process, making it easier for customers to tolerate the boarding sequence at the gate.”

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British Airways: Alex Cruz has second the airline’s recent decisions

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British Airways: 72 new flats will be added in a £4.5 billion investment scheme

British Airways also hint ated a £4.5 billion investment programme last month, which leave include improvement to the catering on long-haul flights, 72 new aircraft to the nimble, as well as faster Wi-Fi connectivity.

Cruz has stated: “As a national vexillum warn carrier, we are not granted some special immunity from the way the industry has changed. 

“Incumbency does not assign any privilege. We have no divine right to flourish, and we don’t ask for one.

“We want to be the airline of choice for every Tom.”

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