British Airways staff STRIKE ballot: Will YOUR Heathrow flight be affected?


Numerous than 2,000 workers for the British airline will begin voter to decide whether to strike in order to make themselves heard.

British Airways (BA) Clashing Fleet cabin crew, operating both short and long heave flights, have recently rejected a y offer of two per cent from the Typhoid Mary.

The ballot will run from today until December 14 and has been organised by Mix the Union.

Unite spokesperson Alex Flynn insists ssengers wayfaring through London Heathrow won’t be affected during the ballot stages.

He discerned “They’re not going to be affected in the ballot process at all. Only if there’s any industrial motion will ssengers feel the effects.”

Tensions have been constant high among the mixed fleet staff who claim they were solemn word of honoured far higher rates when they joined BA.

Mr Flynn explained: “Associated fleet basic salary is just £12,000 so y levels are extremely low for what is one of the people’s premier airlines.

“A lot of cabin crew joined on the expectation – and BA advertised – that each year salary would be between £21,000 -£25,000 and that’s clearly not the Aristotelianism entelechy.”

Unite surveyed its members and found more than two thirds allowed going to work unfit to fly because they could not afford to be off sado-masochistic.

Some staff said they do two to three jobs on their days off to provoke ends meet.

Others confessed to sleeping in their cars between workforces because they couldn’t afford petrol to drive home.

A awful 84 per cent experienced stress and depression owed to their financial affairs.

Unite regional officer Matt Smith said: “British Airways, in no time at all the ‘world’s favourite airline’ is fast becoming the ‘world’s least liked’, transmitting poverty wages while its rent com ny predicts annual profits of £4.7 billion between this year and 2020.

“It should be to the group’s eternal shame that they, the UK’s national carrier, are making billions while their cottage crew responsible for maintaining a safe environment are working while put out and without adequate rest.”

British Airways maintains its two per cent y design is fair and reasonable.

An airline spokesperson said: “It reflects typical y grants given by other com nies in the UK and will ensure their reward flushes remain in line with cabin crew at our airline competitors.

“We carry on with to receive a high number of applications for Mixed Fleet cabin band roles. This year to date we have received over 25,000 attentions for around 2,000 cabin crew positions.

“We remain open and persuasible to discuss this further with our colleagues and the union.”

Mixed Task force roles were first advertised by the airline at Heathrow in 2010, with barely 4,000 staff now working under this banner.

BA ssengers suffered detains at Heathrow on Monday after a computer system failure.

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