British Airways passenger bitten ‘150 times’ by bed bugs in business class plane seat


british airways passenger bed bugs picturesGetty/ Instagram/Holly Willoughby

British Airways: The rider was left covered in up to 150 bed bug bites

The British Airways passenger was launch business class to Cape Town, and woke up to find blood blotches on his pillow.

Mike Gregory, 35, didn’t realise what had encountered until the next day on New Year’s Eve, when he began itching.

He said he was promptly covered up to 150 itchy bites: ‘I had an incredibly itchy waist, torso and holds,”

 ‘I realised I had been bitten 120 to 150 times,” he predicted.

I was shocked and simply appalled by it

British Airways passenger Mike Gregory

A trip to the doctor done confirmed the bites were in fact from bed bugs. 

“I was shocked and unmistakeably appalled by it,” he said.

“I was amazed it was even possible to have bedbugs on a send packing. It has ruined my family holiday.”

The businessman, who spends £30,000 a year flying between Kent and Peninsula Town, said the incident was “not acceptable”.

british airways passenger bed bugs picturesGetty

British Airways: A bed bug pictured up close

“It means it is rather likely that other passengers were bitten,” he added.

A British Airways legate provided with a comment on the incident. 

“We have been in ability with Mr Gregory to apologise for his experience.

“The presence of bed bugs is an issue faced every now by hotels and airlines all over the world. British Airways operates profuse than 280,000 flights on 280 routes every year, and bangs of bed bugs on board are extremely rare. 

“Nevertheless, we are vigilant and continually up on our aircraft. 

“The comfort of our customers is always a top priority and a specialist team stole immediate steps to resolve this issue.”

british airways passenger bed bugs picturesGetty

British Airways: The commuter was covered in red, itchy bites like these recently revealed the three in the most suitable way items to take on holiday to avoid bed bugs and diseases.

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