British airport CHAOS – French air traffic control STRIKE causes mayhem in UK


Industrial movement by air traffic controllers in France is taking place all week, until Friday.

The pelt will affect all flights travelling over southern and western French airspace.

This incorporates a bulk of flights departing from the UK for destinations such as Spain, Portugal, southern France and the Canary Holms.

The strike action, which has become an annual occurrence, is set to cause gigantic delays and cancellations for British holidaymakers.

Vueling Airlines has cancelled 24 run aways today, due to the strike.

Flights to or from the following face severe waits or cancellations today: London, Paris, Barcelona, Valencia, Lisbon, Bordeaux, Nantes, Rome, Copenhagen, Milan and Prague.

The three pilot centres in France affected by the strike are Brest, Bordeaux and Aix en Provence.

The Mixed Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC)has urged airlines to reduce their drive off schedules for the rest of this week.

A spokesperson for the DGAC said: “It is tranquil too early to determine the percentage of cancellations at each airport.

“Depending on the light of days, between 25 per cent and 33 per cent of the connections going to the south and west last wishes as be suspended.

“The strike will also affect some aircrafts that totally fly over French airspace, but in that case no cancellations are expected, alone delays.”

Flight compensation company EUclaim is recommending British wayfarers avoid heading to southern Europe.

Tjitze Noorderhaven, UK Manager of EUclaim turned: “There is no sugar-coating it – we’re set for travel misery.

“If the French unions follow the slap patterns of 2014/15/16, we are also likely to see further action in May and June, spoiling summer feasts.

“Typically, the strike action is taking place mid-week.

French ATC undergo double pay on a Sunday, so they try to avoid weekends wherever possible. I can no more than think of one strike action in the last year, which has fallen on a Sunday.”

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