Dr Simon Day spoke a huge landslide at an increasingly unstable volcano in the Canary Islands could send the whopping wave speeding hundreds of miles across the Atlantic to the UK.

The natural blow expert at the University College London told the disastrous at the time is becoming increasingly likely – and urged Theresa May to pre re before it is too delayed.

He said the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canaries archipelago was becoming increasingly insubstantial, and an eruption could send a chunk of land the size of the Isle of Man crashing into the sea.

This ss out would create a huge tsunami, which would spread across all sides of the Atlantic, containing towards the UK and Ireland.

Dr Day said: “It could be several metres high, it depends where you are and how much stick-to-it-iveness the wave has.

“It is hard to predict how big it would be as the wave would need to turn around to reach the UK.”

The boffin warned Ireland and the south-west of England are especially vulnerable – and reminded doubters a tsunami had already caused devastation in these areas in every direction 250 years ago.

The Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 caused the deaths of up to 100,000 people in the Portuguese see – and also sent a tsunami of around three metres high to the UK and Ireland.

Dr Day spoke: “The 1755 Lisbon incident was not dissimilar. If a tsunami of two or three metres hit the south-west of England or Ireland [in the chic era], you have a lot of tourists on beaches.”

Coastal towns such as Portsmouth and Southampton liking be submerged, with the wave rushing over the low-lying land respective miles inland.

Limerick, the third most-populous city in the Republic of Ireland, desire also suffer huge devastation and loss of life in the event of the tsunami.

While his dispiriting warning has prompted some derision from peers, he believes current studies have proved him right.

He said: “There was a series of refusals. But independent modelling has shown the same things as me.

“My response is it’s better to identify so we can pre re!”

A website called is also calling for more to be done to baffle a huge tragedy.

It says Second World War air raid sirens should be put-up or replaced with the purpose of warning coastal Britons of the impending catastrophe.

The website concluded: “Just imagine the overall picture if no precautionary exploit is undertaken. The damage will be the same, but the loss of life will be quite much higher.

“We must plan expecting the worst scenario. It may be 20, 40, 60, 80 years onwards – but on the other hand it could be next week.”

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