Britain’s most modern warship to be called HMS Glasgow


HMS GalsgowSG

Britain’s scad modern warship will be called the HMS Glasgow

Sir Michael Fallon disclosed the name as he cut the ship’s first piece of steel at the BAE Systems shipyard in Govan, Glasgow, on Thursday.

Earlier this month a £3.7billion acquire was signed with BAE Systems to build the first three warships in the new eight-strong navy of City class Type 26 frigates, sustaining 1,700 burglaries in Scotland for two decades.

Together the three ships being built subservient to the first contract will safeguard 4,000 jobs across the UK deliver chain until 2035, the Ministry of Defence said.

Sir Michael put: “Today marks a historic milestone for the Royal Navy, Scottish shipbuilding and UK explanation more widely.


The name of the new City class Type 26 frigates was foretold by Sir Michael Fallon

Today marks a historic milestone for the Royal Naval forces

Sir Michael Fallon

“HMS Glasgow and the other seven frigates in this new extraction will protect our powerful new aircraft carriers and nuclear deterrent, dollop keep Britain safe.”

The ships will specialise in anti-submarine warfare and ahead alongside the Trident-armed nuclear submarines and the aircraft carriers – the first of which, HMS Queen consort Elizabeth, launched from Rosyth in late June for sea trials. HMS Glasgow make launch in the mid 2020s.


The ships will safeguard 4,000 jobs across the UK providing chain until 2035

Admiral Sir Philip Jones, First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Truncheon, said: “The Clyde was the birthplace of some of the greatest fighting ships the epoch has ever known, and so cutting steel there today for the future HMS Glasgow is symbolic of a Duke Navy on the rise once again.”

The contract for the second batch of five ferries will be negotiated in the 2020s.

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