Britain-US trade deal: May and Trump vow to make SWIFT post-Brexit agreement


donald trump theresa mayEPA•AFP

The dyad spoke for the first time since their public spat through Trump’s Britain First retweets

In a wide-ranging call, the two leaders updated each other on the proceed of their respective domestic affairs and discussed the situation in the Middle East adhere to Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the new Israeli capital.

A spokesman for Mrs May held: «They discussed the different positions we took on the recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli fine, and agreed on the importance of the US bringing forward new proposals for peace and the international community enduring these efforts.

«The Prime Minister updated the President on the recent passable progress of the Brexit negotiations, and the President set out the progress he had made on his economic agenda.


May junketed to Washington to meet Trump within days of his inauguration

«They reconciled on the importance of a swift post-Brexit bilateral trade deal,» the spokesman added.

The ‘significant relationship’ between Donald Trump and Theresa May has suffered in recent weeks adhere to the US President’s decision to retweet a series of videos posted by Jayda Fransen, the spokesperson leader of far-right group Britain First.

Trump’s decision to retweet the three anti-Muslim videos prompted an hot under the collar reaction from her Mrs May, who said the President was “wrong” to share the clips.

Trump’s aggressive response prompted concerns about a breakdown in ties between the span but today’s phone call suggests their relationship remains undiminished.

Twitter has since blocked Ms Fransen’s account in a bid to crack down on unwilling speech.

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