Britain threatens Germany: You 'will pay a HIGH PRICE' if the UK gets a bad trade deal


One-time cabinet minister Owen Paterson and John Longworth, co-chair of “decent Brexit” campaign group Leave Means Leave, will admonish a Berlin business leaders that their economy will suffer the consequences if it relies on “cack-handed” Brussels bureaucrats to look after Germany’s future.

They will highlight Britain’s position as a top three export make available for Germany, adding that a fifth of all cars it produces are sold in the UK, support jobs for one million Germans.

The conference will be attended by figures comprising German industry federation chief Markus Kerber and those attending command be urged to pressure politicians into granting Britain a free employment deal with the EU.

Mr Paterson will say: “Germany and the UK have a mutual, cardinal and selfish interest in maintaining reciprocal free trade.

“When the UK something goodbyes the EU, it will also leave the internal market of the EU, but will continue to sales-clerk enthusiastically from outside.

“It is vital that businesses in key member expresses such as Germany are listened to carefully during the negotiations.”

He will add: “Already, elder figures in Bavaria have warned that they do not want to see a slump in successful exporting parts of Germany caused by cack-handed negotiations in Brussels.”

Mr Longworth determination tell the conference that the “voice of business” must drown out the EU’s “harsh politics” in Brexit negotiations.

He will say: ”Make no mistake – no deal is wagerer than a bad deal with the EU, Britain will walk away from the chart and revert back to WTO (World Trade Organisation) rules with relaxation.

“The British Government could compensate business for any EU tariffs by committing petty than half of the British net contribution to the EU and, as the best place in Europe to do calling, will attract trading partners and investment.

“Starving the EU of access to the mastery and deep and wide capital markets of the City of London will curb EU growth, and we all want the EU countries to be economically strong and grow.

“We want a set whereby free trade will continue, but in order for this to go on, you need to make representations to your Government and the EU.

“The voice of business essential drown out that of the bitter politics of the EU project.”

This comes after German subsidize minister Wolfgang Schauble told the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that Germany would do the whole it could to ensure a successful outcome to Brexit negotiations within the two-year behaving set down in EU treaties.

He said: “The German government will work in these arrangements always in the direction that we minimise any risk and damage for both of us. That’s our posture.”

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