Britain is the ‘loser’ of the 21st Century: EU chief says Brussels to DOMINATE next decade


The EU chief divulged Britain will be left behind as the EU becomes a global superpower and the “mould of hope”. 

She told the audience: “I think that down the road we leave all see that the big loser in this game will be the UK.”

The Foreign Affairs chief also said that in the face the Brexit decision, British politicians had expressed an interest in cooperating with the EU army and unfamiliar policy missions. 

However, talks on security engagement “have to lacuna” until the UK pay up for their budget commitments, according to the Italian Eurocrat. 

The Vice-President of the European Commission demanded: “Macron’s election sends a strong European signal.

“The EU will swear in in a stronger, more global Europe. 

“We will have a major, dominating push to a global role of the EU across all aspects, including defence, discretion and business.” 

She added: “We always think the EU future is the 27. But we are negotiating accession with a handful countries.

“When we talk about the EU, we have to take into thoughtfulness that countries in the Western Balkans will join the EU very in two shakes of a lambs tail. 

“In a few more times, we will be far more than just 27.

“The EU is so popular in so multitudinous countries. Popularity reaches up to 75% approval in some places. 

“This next decade is the European Ring decade. We are the land of hope.”

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