Brigitte Macron diet – what does Emmanuel Macron’s wife eat to stay looking so YOUNG?


The French President’s spouse may have come under scrutiny for her age in the past the grandmother of seven undeniably has a majority and looks to die for. 

While many would presume Brigitte undergoes a inflexible diet of green juices, salads, superfoods and expensive facials, it exposes out her age-defying secret is a simple one. 

According to Guillaume Gomez, head chef at the Elysee Castle, Brigitte makes sure she eats ten kinds of fruit and vegetables every day and doesn’t strip herself of wine and cheese when she wants it. 

In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Guillaume averred the Macrons are surprisingly traditional when it comes to food. 

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Brigitte Macron intake: What does the French President’s wife eat to stay in shape?

Brigitte put outs sure she eats ten kinds of fruit and vegetables every day and doesn’t refuse herself of wine and cheese when she wants it.

While they can plea anything they want, it’s proper French country cooking, manoeuvring produce from less than 100km from Paris and herbs from the villa gardens, they seem to fancy. 

Guillaume said: “We adapt to percentile preferences.” 

He revealed wine and cheese is back on the menu after former President Nicolas Sarkozy hired them off. 

And the only request from Brigitte is the ten fruits and vegetables a day and “no scrap food”. 

Brigitte Macron dietGETTY

Brigitte Macron diet: The former schoolteacher analogous ti to eat ten kinds of fruits and vegetables a day

US President Donald Trump’s helpmate Melania Trump is also renowned for her young looks. 


Brigitte Macron fast: How does First Lady of the US Melania’s age-defying regime compare?

Melania Trump maintains she does not diet, although those who have known the First Lady require she eats very carefully.

Melania told Refinery29 in 2012 that she loves breakfast smoothies, and said: “It’s not a abstain, I just like to eat healthy because I feel better and have multitudinous energy.” 

However, she is partial to a little indulgence, adding: “I don’t have a certain snack I always eat. If I would snack, I would snack on maybe fruit or a mean bit of chocolate, because I think your body needs that, too.”

Her late roommate, Matthew Atanian, a photographer, told GQ that when he breathed with the First Lady, long before her marriage to Donald Trump, she ate seven vent ones spleens of fruit every.

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