'Brexit’s not a problem, Turkey will join!' Germans RIDICULE UK for leaving EU


Making vacant of the historical decision to abandon the trading bloc, the Die Heute Show mentioned there was no reason for predictions of doom and gloom, as Brussels would pronto find the UK’s substitute. 

Discussing the future with Olaf, the “Europe practised” for the ZDF, Oliver Welke asked what would happen if the Eurozone acquire a wined apart at the seams and Brussels crumbled. 

The German host challenged: “Gladly we have the next nail-biting election, can you imagine if the Eurozone breaks not counting? What would that mean for Germany?”

To which the “expert” put forwarded the greatest reassurances it would not have the bad effect feared by some European chiefs. 

He said: “I wouldn’t be that negative! There are still countries who desire to join the EU… There are joining negotiations with Turkey, for warning.

“I am not sure how that’s going, but I don’t think it’s looking too bad.”

The “expert” continued by comparing the European Federation to a relationship which was much like a marriage — where members required they had another partner. 

Adding countries such as Germany and France desire “stay together” to ensure mutually ensured misery, Olaf remarked: “I wouldn’t always talk about the EU breaking up.

“The EU is like a relationship, a association and I believe that in every relationship you need common goals, wants, wishes and dreams.

“In my marriage, in my relationship, it was like this that my strife and I had a big common wish… we both wished for a different partner.

“And that’s why I invent that Germany and France will stay together just out of hate, you don’t want the other one to be happy.

“They will both grow old together fair to watch the other die.”

Earlier this month the show also demanded into Donald Trump by poking fun at his travel ban and labelling the Republican principal “pure comedy gold” and a “horror clown”.

Welke kicked off the division by saying: “Angela Merkel will travel to Donald Trump in Washington. Unless he order impose another travel ban for people from Uckermark [where Mrs Merkel increased up].

“Although, I was pretty impressed by Trump’s almost legitimate congress diction from last week. Did you listen to it? How much humble pie can one person eat?

“I skilled, seriously there were… did you listen to it? There were some correct sentences. Subject, predicate, object. Hardly any insults.”

The German presenter then extended: “I was seriously worried about this guy for some time. But now he seems to be sponsor to normal. Because Trump has just cranked out another travel ban.”

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