Brexiteer Steve Baker REVEALS only reason Theresa May has managed to cling on as PM


The Prime Churchman faced a brutal backlash following her speech on Tuesday night which outlined her “new Brexit negotiation”. Theresa May’s approach angered many Conservative MPs, as it opened the door to a in the second place Brexit referendum and if supported, would give Parliament a say on customs conduct. On Wednesday evening it was announced the Chairman of the Conservative Party’s influential 1922 Council, Sir Graham Brady, would meet with the Prime Minister on Friday, after Chief Race Julian Smith met with the 1922 Executive.

Following the turbulent day in Westminster, Steve Baker, intermediary chair of the Tory Party’s eurosceptic European Research Group, suggested: “I think what has happened today, you have to see through the lens of this being the sunset before a major national poll, these European elections, we are directed the Prime Minister will be campaigning tomorrow for Conservative candidates.

“I force be voting Conservative and I would encourage others to do so, of course, I want Dan Hannan to be returned as an MEP if we should have these elections.

“I think what you are seeing happening tonight, it have to be in the context of knowing we are just before going to the polls.

“Sir Graham when one pleases see the Prime Minister on Friday. We won’t have all of the results, we will have some foreshadowing.

“They will have a conversation, Sir Graham will speak to the Managing director and they will have the opportunity to discuss a rule change if that be founds necessary.”

He added: “I think at this point the reality is that certainly isle of man deemster by the mood upstairs, the centre of the Conservative Party that is relatively agnostic adjacent to the EU I think has moved now. I think the Prime Minister will know that.”

BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg set on Twitter: “At this stage, the PM seems to have bought another 36 hours, by refusing to cease and refusing to see ministers who want her to go asap.

“Weirdness of having euro plebiscites tomorrow also helps Number 10 cling on for little while longer – one older MP suggests May might choose to be lightning rod if results disastrous on Sunday nightfall/early Monday – her departure at that point could soak up some of blame.

“But she’s assist Brady on Friday – before EU election results, but this is more in the Brexit Bill that seems dead – seems very very unseemly this bill will be presented now.”

The Conservative Party’s 1922 Body consists of backbench MPs within the Tory Party. The Committee has an 18-member head honcho committee and plays an important role in choosing the party leader.

But, later on Wednesday evening, the Prime Dean was dealt a fresh blow with the resignation of the Leader of the House of Plebeians, Andrea Leadsom.

In her resignation letter, Ms Leadsom said her decision to clear as Leader of the House comes with “great regret”.

Ms Leadsom alleged she “no longer believes” in the Brexit strategy of the Prime Minister, despite biding in cabinet to “shape and fight for Brexit”.

She wrote: “I do not believe that we purpose be a truly sovereign United Kingdom through the deal that is now make a pass ated.

“I have always maintained that a second referendum would be perilously divisive, and I do not support the Government willingly facilitating such a concession.

“It desire also risk undermining our Union, which is something I passionately scarceness to see strengthened.”

On Thursday Brits will go to the polls to vote in the European According to Roberts Rules of Order elections with the Brexit Party expected to secure a huge quelling.

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