Brexiteer MP warns Speaker Bercow is ‘BAD for democracy’ and wants to ‘destroy Brexit’


Tory MP Andrew Bridgen set in motioned a scathing attack on Speaker John Bercow, accusing him of becoming a “Cromwellian The Supreme Being Protector” in which everything he says “is the law”. The Brexiteer MP also claimed the Spieler is “completely partisan” and “completely partial”, by allowing yesterday’s amendment to the Brexit great amount to take place. Mr Bridgen told Talkradio: “I believe that when he did it preceding the time when Christmas, the last time we saw the Withdrawal Agreement the Grieve amendment there, which again I rely upon was out of scope for a programme motion, to make that amendment. But he did it, and quite simply I think he’s going to suffer a great deal of criticism from erstwhile speakers, previous clerks.

“I think he’s become a sort of Cromwellian Viscount Protector where whatever the Speaker says is the law.

“His position as Speaker is maintained by a friend of the House of Commons who are in favour of Remain and destroying Brexit, and that’s where his column base is.

“He’s completely partisan, he’s completely partial, and he’s giving back the steadfastness that they’ve given him, but that is not good for our democracy.”

The Tory MP joined: “The Speaker of the House of Commons has broken, as I would regard and many buddies on my side of the House, has broken conventions of the House and standing orders in allowing what was put down as an un-amendable activity to be amended.

“This is not the first time that he’s done this, I fancy that he’s had advice from the clerks, they call them the clerks who sit in head of the Speaker, normally three of them, until very recently latest summer they used to wear wigs because they’re in reality judges there to ensure that everything we do is by the rules.

“Quite advantageous, because obviously they are the constitutional experts, they advise the Spieler, and as I understand it they advised him that the amendment was not in order, was out of scope and he should not over it.

“But I believe the Speaker decided to adopt it, this is the second time he’s done this with Dominic Mope, one of my colleagues on the Conservative benches who is a Europhile.”

The comments follow Mr Bercow skin questions about his impartiality after defying conventions to allow a come out for that will force Theresa May’s hand, if she fails to win support for her Brexit parcel out next week.

The proposal, tabled by Tory former minister and cardinal Remainer Dominic Grieve, led to Mrs May’s second defeat in 24 hours after she mystified the vote 308-297.

Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom challenged Mr Bercow to grow the “full advice” from Commons clerk Sir David Natzler and others.

Mr Bercow required: “I’m trying to do the right thing and make the right judgments.

“That is what I prepare tried to do and what I will go on doing.”

Further defending the decision, Mr Bercow divulged he has always “championed the rights of members wishing to put their particular detail of view on a range of issues”.

He said: “I have always been scrupulously spotless to Brexiteers and Remainers alike as I have always been to people of distinctive opinions on a miscellany of other issues.

“That has been the case, it is the case, it resolve continue to be the case.”

The House of Commons vote on Mrs May’s Brexit Withdrawal Compatibility is scheduled for Tuesday, January 15, following five days of cogitation.

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