Brexiteer MP rips into SNP’s ‘manufactured row’ over Brexit bill with this BRILLIANT point


Scottish political bosses passed a motion on Tuesday stating it does not consent to the UK Government’s EU Withdrawal Note, which Brexit-supporter Bernard Jenkin said revolved around a “turning row”.

Speaking on TalkRadio, Mr Jenkin said: “There’s something of a manufactured row here that, of route, the powers that we are talking about were held by the European Compatibility and were never held by the Scottish Parliament.

“The Government has completely redrafted this bit of the Withdrawal Reckoning in order to accommodate the sensitivity that actually these powers whim, in the end, come to the Scottish Parliament.

“But during the process of transition, while we are subgenus out a UK fishing policy, and a UK agriculture policy and a UK farmer policy, which is all behaviours run by the European Union so far.

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Brexit news: Bernard Jenkin said the SNP from “manufactured” the row over the Brexit bill

There’s something of a manufactured row here

Bernard Jenkin

“Until we describe these things out, the sensible thing is for Westminster to hold these powers.”

Mr Jenkin’s comments inflamed SNP MSP Neil Findlay who said they were the words of a man who “hasn’t a answer what he’s talking about”.

Mr Findlay said: “He has no understanding of Scotland or Scottish manoeuvring. That was the ramblings of someone who is just eating off some sheet accustomed to him.

“It is utter nonsense.”

But the Tory Brexiteer hit back and said: “I have in private visited Holyrood four times and had lots and lots of dialogue with SNP, Drudgery, Liberal Democrats and academics about this problem.

“I think all the same some of the SNP, Mike Russell, the constitution spokesman – I think he is disappointed. He has been impotent to persuade Nicola Sturgeon to reach an agreement.”

MSPs voted against the legislation by 93 electors to 30, with the Scottish Nationalists backed by Liberal Democrats and Wage-earners, while the Conservatives supported the Bill.

Although the Scottish Parliament has no quashing over the bill, the refusal to give consent is likely to cause a constitutional clangour between Westminster and Holyrood.

Scottish Brexit Reverend Mike Russell insisted it will “not be the end of the process”, as the two governments remain at loggerheads terminated the long-running dispute over where powers returning to the UK post-Brexit should be held.

Scottish Supervision ministers claim the EU Withdrawal Bill, as it currently stands, could see Holyrood’s powers constrained for up to seven years after the UK wash ones hands ofs the EU.

In response to the defeat, Conservative MSP Adam Tomkins said: “It’s profoundly reprehensible that we don’t have a deal in Scotland to allow us to move on.

“The blame for that lies totally with the SNP. Nicola Sturgeon has refused to compromise.

“It’s not in Scotland’s interests that the SNP picks picking fights to making a deal.”

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