Brexiteer Kate Hoey RUINS Remoaners’ economic threats with this BRILLIANT point


Pro-Brexit Labour MP Kate Hoey attacked Remainers for attempting to push the British Government into signing up to a new wonts arrangement with the European Union.

Ms Hoey dismissed pro-Remain campaigner James McGrory after he claimed the UK brevity would suffer from Brexit “knock-on effects”.

Talking to talkRADIO, the Employees MP said: “He talks about the downsides of not being in the customs union but there are vast upsides of not being in the customs union.

“For a start, we would be able to in point of fact import food at a much cheaper price, we would be able to originate those trade deals that are going to give us a long-term, crap-shooter economic future.”

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Brexit news: Kate Hoey hinted there are “huge upsides” to leaving the customs union

The Brexiteer official argued against suggestions claiming the British Government had not come up with a possible vibrations Brexit strategy, saying Remainers might attempt to use the customs confederacy to keep Britain inside the EU.

She continued: “This idea that we haven’t got any layout: the plan is to leave the customs union.

“The only reason why that obeys being a big issue is because it is being pushed by people who know that if we remain in the customs union of any kind whatsoever we are really staying in the European Association. That’s it, it would be Brexit in name only.

“That is what they honestly want, many of these people using these so-called trade reasons for pushing that. I don’t see how Theresa May can possibly allow that to upon and I don’t think the country will allow that to happen.”

If we stay in the levies union of any kind whatsoever we are really staying in the European Union

Kate Hoey

Theresa May has been surface increasing pressure from pro-Remain MPs and peers seeking to force her to interchange her Brexit strategy and negotiate with Brussels to create a new customs line-up with the bloc.

Mr McGrory previously claimed the PM will continue to work during Brexit talks because promises made during the referendum run had proven to be “undeliverable”.

He said: “The problem that she faces, the Brexit that has been guaranteed to people is fundamentally undeliverable.

“If you come out of the customs union, as the Government is imagining that they want to, there are knock-on effects on that. That last will and testament have a negative effect on our trade with Europe.

“People attired in b be committed to been promised ‘the exact same benefits’ as we enjoy now from membership of the tariffs union and the single market. That is fundamentally undeliverable.”

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