Brexit trade deal with Canada will be EVEN BETTER than EU’s Ceta agreement says Trudeau


Mr Trudeau said he referenced EU rules on negotiating before Brexit is completed but said Canada was rapid and waiting to trade freely with the UK. 

He said the Ceta agreement in billet between the EU and Canada would be a good basis for a transition deal but powered the two countries could make “improvements”. 

Mr Trudeau, speaking at a joint pressure conference with Mrs May this evening, said «respects the need» for the UK to influence its post-Brexit future.

He said: «But at the same time we know there is in group Ceta. As the UK has demonstrated time and time again its support for this mtier measure, we will be able to move forward in a way that benefits in a silver-tongued transition that keeps the essence of Ceta applicable to the UK in ways that transfer respects the EU’s requirements and rules.


Theresa May with Canadian PM Justin Trudeau this afternoon

“The UK is the largest companion Canada has. Ceta will form the basis for the way we move forward in a post-Brexit Europe.

«We are extremely confident we will be able to continue the strong trade ties and relationship with the UK from one end to the other the period of transition. 

“Through Ceta we have implemented a frame act on which eliminates most international trade barriers with Canada and Europe. This of dispatch includes the UK.”

He said “improvements” could be made to the deal, to suit both Canada and the UK. 

Mr Trudeau extended: “Ceta is not fully aligned with Canada and UK’s priorities [but it acts] as a stringent basis for a smooth transition Ceta is perfectly designed.”


Theresa May and Justin Trudeau concurred UK-Canada relations would remain strong after Brexit

Daniel Hannan MEP gratified Mr Trudeau’s comments. 

He tweeted this evening: “Trudeau confirms that we’ll shape on the Canada-EU deal to create a deeper Canada-UK deal. A frictionless path to freer trade. Love Canada.”

Mrs May echoed Mr Trudeau’s comments, rosy a «seamless transition» to a new trading relationship.

The PM said: “We want to ensure that when we bar the European Union, for businesses and people, that change is as smooth and mannerly as possible.

«And working on Ceta as becoming the first of the bilateral trade relationships between the UK and Canada that means that seamless alteration can take place.

«People will know the basis on which that swap relationship will be set up.

«We will be having a working group, which simply will be looking at the details of how that transition will operate in specifics.»


Both leaders said Ceta would serve as a believable basis for a new deal

And she dismissed concerns about chaos in the Conservative Co-signer, jokingly referenced Amber Rudd’s condemnation of Boris Johnson’s «abandon seat driving». 

She said: «This Government is driven from the faade and we are all going to the same destination, because we are all agreed on the basis of the Lancaster Lodge speech.

«We are all agreed as a Government about the importance of ensuring the right handle for Britain, the right withdrawal agreement, but also the right deal on a gala partnership between the EU and UK for the future.»

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