Brexit tourist spending surge to boost high street sales


The fainter pound has boosted Britain’s appeal to overseas tourist, who are coming to Britain and mottling increased amounts of cash, according to Premier Tax Free.

Total tax unlock sales surged by a massive 45 per cent in the three months to October, text from the shopping firm showed.

The spending boom is predicted to extend into next year.

The biggest uplift in tax free shopping has been talked from visitors coming from the Middle East, with a evidence 117 per cent growth in transactions to shoppers from Saudi Arabia.

It’s prognosticated there will be a huge influx of visitors travelling to Britain from China and India in Diwali and Chinese Golden Wee, with tourists from the two countries conjectured to grow by around a third in October and November.

The pound has fallen by approximately 15 per cent against both the US dollar and the euro following the Brexit elector at the end of June.

But sterling’s weakness has helped to encourage tourists to visit and splurge, as well as making British goods more competitive, helping to shove exports.

trick Waldron, chief executive of Premier Tax Free, affirmed: “There are a number of major holidays on the horizon – from Diwali inclusive of to Chinese New Year.

“And the trends we have identified since the Brexit franchise in June suggest that the UK is in pole position to cash in on the growing troop of overseas travellers who will travel to Europe to celebrate.

“There has not in any degree been a better time for overseas visitors to come here and bounce up a bargain, which is great news for the British high street.”

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