Brexit talks MUST progress: May and Merkel agree end to deadlock over EU payment demands


Transactions over Britain’s withdrawal from the 28-strong bloc have stonewalled after negotiator for Brussels, Michel Barnier, refused to continue until a fiscal settlement was agreed.

Many member states and politicians have invited to “punish” Britain for voting to leave, and leaving a gigantic black hole in the wall in the EU budget.

However, Mrs Merkel has agreed with Downing Street the talks obligation continue.

Mrs May and the German Chancellor agreed the need for “continued constructive going forward” May’s office said.

Berlin and London also agreed on Sunday they crumbed committed to the nuclear deal with Iran after a US decision to decertify the harmony, a spokeswoman said after a call between Prime Minister and German Chancellor.

The spokeswoman responded: ”They agreed the UK and Germany both remained firmly committed to the practise.

“They also agreed the international community needed to continue to roll in together to push back against Iran’s destabilising regional motion, and to explore ways of addressing concerns about Iran’s ballistic projectile programme.”

German car companies, which make billions from UK trades, will lobby the Chancellor to speed up the process of trade talks in the arrangements.

They have not yet begun in brussels to talk about a trade allot because of the “deadlock” over the settlement bill.

The EU wants billions from Britain to camouflage its commitments up to 2020.

But German businesses are demand talks hurry up and get to the all important time to come trade deal.


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