Brexit SHOCK CLAIM: Sadiq Khan warns Chancellor’s budget will push business to Germany


Mr Khan denoted Chancellor Philip Hammond’s budget contained the “most anti-London” projects at a time when city businesses require Brexit clarity.

He foretold: “At a time when there’s uncertainty, at a time where we are being raked by the EU we’re going down the road of an extreme, hard Brexit because of the effect of this Government, businesses will think ‘you know what? We’re far elevate surpass going off to Frankfurt, or going to Berlin, or going to Paris.

“This is not me talking down London, it’s me being fight off by this budget today. This, I think, is the most anti-London budget for a origination.”

Brexit news - London mayor claims businesses will move to EUGETTY/SKY NEWS

Sadiq Khan said Brexit uncertainty last wishes as push businesses towards Berlin or Paris

Talking to BBC News, the Mayor of London responded Mr Hammond had wasted the chance for a “bolder budget” to boost business and stop first-time buyers.

He also claimed the 2017 budget failed to contribute new investment on apprenticeships and the police force.

Mr Khan added: “At a time when we’ve had four scourge attacks in our city and when police numbers are going down, raving crime is going up, there was no news, no announcement of extra funding for our monitor in London.

“At a time when Londoners can’t afford to rent in London, let solitarily buy, no new rule news in relation to building affordable homes in London. At a time again when businesses are frustrated by the lack of Londoners with the skills for the provinces of tomorrow, no rule news in relation to investing in young Londoners.

“This was a come to pass for the Chancellor to have a big, bolder budget. He’s blown it.”

However Mr Hammond’s Budget did indeed put particular emphasis on both Brexit and the housing crisis.

The headline advertisement concerned stamp duty, which was completely removed for the first-time clients of properties under 300,000.

With the new measures, 95 per cent of first-time purchasers will see at least a cut in the amount of stamp duty, with 80 per cent payment none at all.

In regards to Brexit, Mr Hammond announced the Government would put aside £3billion – with numberless available if needed.

He said: “We have already invested almost £700million in Brexit preparations and today I am environment aside over the next two years a further £3billion and I stand at to allocate further funds.”

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