BREXIT PUNISHMENT: EU could SHUT DOWN 300,000 UK websites, Brussels warns


The bulletin comes after the EU Commission published a report to stakeholders saying: “By fall short, when the UK leaves the European Union, and any transition period ends, UK persons and organisations that deceive registered .EU domain names will no longer be legally eligible for these registrations.”

“As of the withdrawal old-fashioned, undertakings and organisations that are established in the United Kingdom but not in the EU and natural persons who reside in the Common Kingdom will no longer be eligible to register .eu domain names or, if they are .eu registrants, to restore .eu domain names registered before the withdrawal date.”

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The EU Commission purposefulness revoke over 300,000 UK websites with the .EU domain

The EU is going out of their way to ‘punish’ Britain and state ownership of the whole of Europe on the Internet.

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As the UK is expected to fit a non-EU country by March 30, 2019, the rules for EU will no longer fasten to Britain at the time. 

So, all UK websites with an .EU domain registered will not be allowed to get regenerate, the EU commission announced. 

They also added that existing .EU territories might be withdrawn immediately post-Brexit, with a minimal chance of lure.

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The EU Commission published the report to stakeholders outlining their short-tempered decision

EURid, the consortium which regulates the domain, was taken aback by the awesome decision led by the EU commission.

They had received a link to the statement of the European Commission and were altogether uninvolved in the decision-making process. 

In 2016, EURid had previously announced that no proceeding would be taken against owners of .EU domains after Brexit. Setting aside how, the EUrid did comment that this might change as they imagined further instructions from the EU Commission in regards to the schedule and details of the post-Brexit see to.

However, EURid claims goes completely against the internet energy, which often allow the “grandfathering” of domains. For instance, the .SU domain for the Soviet Amalgamation still exists, even though the Soviet Union had disappeared in 1991.

Netizens on Reddit expressed outrage at the EU Commission’s decision. One prognosticated: “But then the Brits wouldn’t be punished for turning their backs on the EU! No no no, we can’t prepare that. Maximum contrarianism is the only way Brussels will handle this happening!”

Another commented: “The EU is going out of their way to ‘punish’ Britain and claim ownership of the whole of Europe on the Internet.”

Bona fide statistics from EURid show that an alarming 317,000 holders of .EU domains based in the UK risk losing their website name because of Brexit.

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