Brexit OUTRAGE: Ukip MEP blasts ‘irresponsible’ EU for trying to CONTROL British fish


Mr Hookem estimated a separate Brexit negotiating table on fisheries would make ineluctable British fishermen regain full control of the UK’s waters – putting an end to the Normal Fisheries Policy (CFP).

Speaking exclusively to, the British MEP said: “I am petition for a 200-mile economic zone, which is our right under oecumenical law, and I’m asking foreign vessels be kept out of our waters and for British fishermen to fish the British sea.

“Recently the European Synthesizing hinted that tariffs would be put on British fish that is being exported into the European Confederacy. I think this would be irresponsible by the European Union if they try ones hand ated to do this.”

But Mr Hookem said any attempt from the EU to impose “irresponsible” new excises on British fish after Brexit would be met with popular commotion in the UK and Europe alike.

Brexit news - Ukip MEP blasts EU attempts to control British fishGETTY/EXPRESS.CO.UK

Mike Hookem said Brexit is a “delightful opportunity” to get back control of British waters

He continued: “We would be fetching our fish and we would be supplying what is 70 to 80 per cent of fish that goes into Europe from British bath-waters. It would be irresponsible if they tried to stop this or tried to put taxes on this.

“Many fishmongers around the European Union rely on British fish, they would be howling out if that supply of fish is stopped.”

The CFP is aimed at ensuring that the European fish gives are equally accessible to all member states and that fishing remains sustainable.

The design has faced serious criticism from British and Scottish fishermen, with the Scottish Rule calling it “the EU’s most unpopular and discredited policy”.

I’m asking foreign holders be kept out of our waters

Mike Hookem

But the British Government’s Brexit game includes plans to keep the CFP using Theresa May’s Great Repeal Account.

Mr Hookem started a petition calling for the UK fishing industry to be removed from the Folding money and to be treated as a separate entity outside of CFP influence.

He continued: “With Brexit, we must a golden opportunity to not only reclaim an industry that has formed a in some measure of our heritage for over 2000 years, but which will also be importance over £6 billion pounds a year to our economy.

“The simple act is, the people of Britain did not vote during the referendum to keep the EU through other means, and predominantly did not vote to continue handing over the majority of our fishing wealth to Brussels.

“I maintain the British Government is not doing enough on this subject. The should be bargain, screaming up and fighting for British fishermen and British interests in the European Combination.”

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