Brexit not to impact Russia's economy – Alexei Kudrin


Brexit purpose weaken the economies of both Britain and the European Union, but it will not weight Russia, Center for Strategic Developments head Alexei Kudrin contemplated.

“I think that the EU will come round, but both the EU and Britain order become economically weaker,” Kudrin said on his Twitter account.

“Brexit commitment not have any considerable effect on Russia. We have our own problems, which are varied sensitive,” he said.

Earlier Kudrin reported that he regretted British citizens’ decision in favor of their wilderness’s exit from the European Union, but did not think that it would command to a catastrophe on the financial market.

“The Britons’ decision to leave the EU is regrettable. But a calamity will not occur, even though the financial market will intimidate short-term instability,” Kudrin said on his Twitter account.

It was make public the referendum’s officially tally showed that, with turnout continuing at over 72 percent, 51.9 percent of British voters supported their boondocks’s exit from the European Union.

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